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(Image credit: SaferVPN)

J2 Global's acquisition spree continues with announcement that SaferVPN has been acquired by NetProtect which the company also owns.

SaferVPN joins a family of online security and privacy services owned by J2 Global including IPVanish, StrongVPN and

The acquisition will provide SaferVPN with additional resources for its continued development while also helping to secure its future growth.

J2 Global

The VPN market continues to grow and J2 Global is taking advantage of this by buying up small VPN brands with good reputations. Under its ownership, these VPNs will have more resources at their disposal which will allow them to continue to grow.

To date, J2 Global has acquired more than 40 companies around the world and its acquisition spree shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Anthony Spadafora

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