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Another 'in-the-know' says Microsoft's wearable will be a wristband, not a watch

Another 'in-the-know' says Microsoft's wearable will be a wristband, not a watch
Redmond getting the band together?

Speculation continues to mount that Microsoft will launch a fitness tracking wristband, rather than a smartwatch before the year is out.

Corroborating reports from last weekend, the well-connected Paul Thurrott of the Winsupersite has 'confirmed' Redmond will serve up a Samsung Gear Fit-style device, with a similar price point, in Q4.

Thurrott suggested the difference will merely be in the form factor, with notifications from smartphones and live date from the device appearing on a longer, slimmer display rather than a more traditional watch face.

The blogger goes along rumours claiming the device will include a multitude of health-oriented sensors, tracking variables like steps, heart-rate and the like.

Equal opportunities

Thurrott's sources also back up perhaps the most significant rumour; that Microsoft's offering will be compatible with Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

This inclusive approach would differ from Google's Android Wear platform, which only runs on a around a quarter of Android devices - those with Android 4.3 and above.

It's also likely to differentiate from the forthcoming Apple iWatch or iBand tracker, which is only expected to pair with iOS devices.

Would a platform agnostic Microsoft smartwatch tempt you away from your smartphone OS loyalties? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below