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Adidas FitSmart launched to bring weekly exercise goals to your wrist

Adidas FitSmart launched to bring weekly goals to your wrist
Running with color

Adidas has announced a new wearable, the FitSmart, designed to make getting onboard with exercise that little bit easier.

The new watch-style device features a number of different activities, from running to strength to general fitness, and combines with a dedicated app to provide you with the tools you need to get going.

The 58g device's key feature is the optical heart rate monitor built in, which allows you to train based on your body's response rather than to a pre-defined speed or intensity.


There's no GPS on board, unlike Adidas' SmartRun running watch, which means the pace calculator relies on an accelerometer to provide speed.


The FitSmart also uses Adidas MiCoach Train and Run app to help you start an assessment before your first workout, select training plans (with weekly goals to keep you motivated) and define your workout 'zones'.

These range from blue (easy warm-up) to red (hard intensity / OMG I THINK MY HEAD IS GOING TO FALL OFF) and are displayed with coloured LEDs on the side of the device.

It's definitely a wearable designed to get users into exercise for the first time by removing the barrier of fear that comes with a multi-week exercise plan. However, whether the price will still present something of an obstacle remains to be seen, as it will be coming at a uniform £199 / $199 / €199.

The FitSmart release date is pegged for August 15 from the brand's online store, before going to Best Buy in the US from August 17, with the rest of the world joining in on September 1.

Gareth Beavis

Global Editor-in-Chief

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