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Samsung: Android needs to be stylish

Samsung speaks out on Android
Samsung speaks out on Android

Samsung's curious lack of Android-powered smartphones at MWC has been explained by UK and Ireland General Manager Derek Williamson.

Speaking exclusively to TechRadar, he said he wasn't disappointed that Samsung hasn't been able to provide the world with the second Android handset, instead preferring to wait.


"I'm not disappointed, I think [with something like Android] we can afford to be a bit more patient.

"The market can judge on what's out there, and I feel we've been a little let down by what's out there right now.

"The important thing is getting everything right, about knowing what you want to do with the platform."

Android explosion?

Although a few Android handsets have begun to dribble out following the launch of the T-Mobile G1 last year, there has still yet to be anything to really catch the public's imagination for Google's mobile OS.

Williamson says the Android handset from Samsung might be a little different from other handsets released by the Koreans:

"There are things that change with time, the shape, colour and material of a handset, and it's about getting the combination together correctly, about making sure the look and feel and finish [matches the capabilities of Android]."

When pressed on why the handset hadn't been ready for MWC, Williamson joked: "Well, it means we've got something we could refresh later in the year!"