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Nokia: We'll support MeeGo for years

The Nokia N9 - no longer forever alone?
The Nokia N9 - no longer forever alone?

If you were one of the many checking out our early look at the Nokia N9 and salivating at the thought of playing with a fancy and slick new operating system, you were probably also terribly sad that Nokia seemed to not care about the new OS.

So we're happy to be able to bring you much better news: while Nokia tells us that Windows Phone is still its 'primary smartphone strategy', a recent tweet has shown that the Finns will be supporting the new OS for years to come.

Klas Strom, Head of Portfolio Management in Marketing for Nokia, said: "We will support #NokiaN9 for years AND release several SW updates... #nottoworry :)"

Anything more?

He sadly refused to be pushed by Twitter users on what this means for the MeeGo platform, but if it's supporting the Nokia N9 for a long time yet, then Nokia must hope that the platform will be successful - which will surely mean more MeeGo-powered phones, right?

The Nokia N9 brought a raft of differences over the oft-maligned but much-used Symbian platform, including more advanced multi-tasking, a new homescreen layout and easier icon management.

Nokia recently told TechRadar that it will be bringing 'many of the innovations seen in the new N9 to future Nokia products', so combined with the new Tweet, the future looks a little bit brighter for a MeeGo range of devices from the Finns.

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