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Wireless HD in the home gets specification

Wireless HD comes to the home
Wireless HD comes to the home

LLC has announced today that its revolutionary wireless technology has been granted specification, offering up Full HD without wires in the home.

The specification for WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface) means that devices that take up the technology will be able to pipe 1080p/60Hz HD with Deep Color at a distance of 100 feet and through walls.

Wireless HD

According to LLC, this is the best type of HD wireless technology of its kind, making it easier than ever before to connect up a wireless HD network with a number of different devices, including PCs and laptops, and mobile computing devices, to wireless TVs.

"WHDI is the only solution that meets consumers' expectation and demand for a high-quality, multi-room HD wireless solution," notes Leslie Chard, president of WHDI LLC.

"WHDI further enables two of the strongest trends in the A/V universe: the proliferation of HD content sources (now including the PC and mobile devices) and the increasing number of inexpensive, high quality displays placed throughout the home."

TechRadar is expecting CES 2010 to be the year that wireless HD is announced for the mainstream, so expect more on making your home wire-free in the next few weeks.