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BlackBerry Javelin in UK on 20 December

The BlackBerry Curve 8900 AKA the Javelin
The BlackBerry Curve 8900 AKA the Javelin

RIM's latest phone to roll off the new handset bandwagon, the BlackBerry Javelin, has finally been spotted in the wild and we've got our hands on a pic of the handset that's set to debut at the end of this year under the guise of the Curve 8900.


We've had a call from The Carphone Warehouse and apparently the phone will be released on the 20 December exclusively to TCW. A bit close to Christmas, you might think, so we advise you save your Christmas money and buy it in January.

However, we were told there's no price or carrying operator information yet, so we'll let you know as soon as we're told. We hope it's soon, or the suspense might kill us.

Where's the 3G gone?

We can see that the new handset comes with your standard trackball, a full QWERTY keyboard and Wi-Fi connectivity, with GPS, a 3.2MP camera.

However, there's no 3G connectivity, which is surprising given that a majority of recent releases (e.g. the Bold and Storm) have had the super-fast connection.

It also sports the natty 3D icons that we've seen from the likes of the Bold, and the screen will be "the sharpest screen, for brighter, crisper icons", according to our colleagues over on T3's inside source at BlackBerry.

The rest of the specs we have to source from the usually-pretty-accurate internet rumour mill, including a 2.4in HGVA+ display and a microSD slot. The handset has actually already launched in Germany, but only now do we UK-dwellers get a proper taste of the Javelin action.