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Tablets in disguise: this one turns into a Transformer

Transformers Tablet

Obviously, the dream is that one day every bit of technology we own will turn into a Transformer, and we're one step closer to that reality thanks to a new partnership between Hasbro and Chinese tablet manufacturer Xiaomi.

The new version of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 – which sadly doesn't actually work as a an actual tablet, sorry – turns into the Transformer Sound Wave.

It's the result of a crowdfunding collaboration between Hasbro and Xiaomi where the two managed to fit the bot into a 7mm thick body that's the same shape as the Mi Pad 2.

Changing it into the Transformer takes 30 steps from tablet to robot. You can see it being done in the clip below.

We just hope that Xiaomi starts working on one that actually works when it's in the shape of a tablet.

After all, let's not forget the Nokia N93i that turned into a little Transformer in the original 2007 live-action movie. We want that.

Via Gizmodo