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Man drops dead after 72-hour net session

There have been many reported cases of internet addiction in China. Many youngsters complain that there is nothing to do apart from play video games

A Chinese man has reportedly died after playing online video games for 72 hours without a break. The story was first reported by Chinese state media this morning, and follows many similar gaming marathon-related death stories over the last year.

The 30-year-old man was apparently rushed to hospital after he collapsed in the internet café he'd been in for three days in a row without leaving. The Chinese media report that exhaustion was probably the cause of death.

Internet addiction

It has to be said that this announcement might well be yet another propaganda stunt by the Chinese government. It's been waging a war against so-called 'internet addiction' for a couple of years, and back in March banned the opening of any new internet cafés for 18 months.

In June, we reported the story of a teenage boy who butchered his mother to death with a kitchen knife after she wouldn't give him money to visit an internet café.

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