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Embeddable video game tweets have become your new time suck

Embed games on Twitter

Twitter can be tricky when you don't have anything interesting to say, but then who needs to say anything when you can just embed a whole video game inside one of your tweets?

Yes, you can actually do that now, thanks to non-profit organisation Internet Archive and its enormous library of games, including arcade games, MS-DOS games and early home console classics.

There are literally thousands of games to choose from, so express your immaculate gaming knowledge and taste by sharing something awesome with your followers in a way that you couldn't do before with 140 characters.

Tweet 'em up

To tweet out a game, all you have to do is browse Internet Archive's software collection, choose a game, copy its URL and paste into a tweet.

Just like the games in the archive itself, some will work better in tweets than others, so you may have to try a couple of times before you land a truly tweet-gaming experience to share.

But when you do, be sure to tag in @techradar so we can spend the rest of the day enjoying some in-tweet gaming action.