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Google Assistant could soon scan your face (as well as your voice)

Google Assistant could soon start using face recognition technology alongside voice recognition to better personalize your interactions and commands. 

The latest beta version of the Google Assistant app for Android has been found to contain code that would enable a feature called 'Face Match', which would scan your face to provide tailored responses to your commands when using the voice assistant. 

The code in question was spotted by Android Police, who delved into the APK (Android's application package), and found that Face Match could even support per-device recognition, which means you wouldn't be limited to using the feature on one device. 

Face facts

It has also been suggested that you may be able to invite other people to create profiles on your device. Of course, your device will need to have a camera, so don't get too excited if you only have a Google Home Mini at home.

It's important to note however, that these analyses of APKs are largely speculative, and don't necessarily mean a feature will definitely be released in the future.

Right now, there's been no word from Google on whether its Face Match feature will be coming to Google Assistant apps and devices, so we will have to wait and see for the time being.  

Via Engadget