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The Pong dining table

The Pong dining table
The Pong dining table

This beautifully designed ‘Pong dining table’ was on show at New York’s Museum of Modern Art recently, perhaps the ultimate version of Atari's 1972 classic.

It was designed by London-based German artist Moritz Waldemeyer, and exhibited as part of MoMA’s recent Design & the Elastic Mind Exhibit.

Lots of LEDs

The table is embedded with 2400 LED lights and 2 trackpads and would surely be the talk of any discerning gamer’s dinner party.

No news as yet on whether or not the Pong table will be made commercially available.

TechRadar has contacted the artist to find out more on this, though we imagine the cost of 2400 LEDs alone may well put the Pong table outside the average gamer’s gaming budget