Horizon Zero Dawn will be pulled from PS Plus later this month, adding to rumors of a potential PS5 remaster announcement

Horizon Zero Dawn
(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

PlayStation is removing Horizon Zero Dawn from its PlayStation Plus catalog later this month. 

According to the game's official store page, which was first spotted by a Reddit user and later verified by Eurogamer, Guerrilla Games' open-world action-adventure game will leave PS Plus on May 21.

This applies to the Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, in particular, which features the game's Frozen Wilds expansion, meaning users will have only a few weeks to grab the offer before it is gone for good.

The decision for Sony to remove one of PlayStation's major headlining games from the subscription service does seem odd, however, the move only reinforces the ongoing rumors that Guerrilla Games is gearing up to announce a PlayStation 5 remaster of the 2017 title.

Rumors of a PS5 remaster first began in October 2022 via VGC, who reported that the current-gen version was in development, alongside a new multiplayer game in the series. 

The PS5 remaster is said to include improved visuals and feature overhauled textures, improved animations, and higher-fidelity character models, as well as more accessibility options, performance upgrades, and quality-of-life improvements - much like its 2022 sequel Horizon: Forbidden West.

Although the PS4 version of Horizon Zero Dawn can be played on PS5 with the 60FPS update, the PS5 has yet to see a native version. The game also received a PC launch in 2020 and was the first major PlayStation exclusive to make the jump.

With the Summer Games Fest and a litany of other special events coming up within the next few months, it's possible an announcement from Sony about the PS5 version could arrive soon.

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