Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 remaster and multiplayer game reportedly in the works

Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn holding a bow and arrow
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A PS5 remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn is currently in development alongside a new multiplayer game in the series, according to a fresh leak.

Horizon Zero Dawn is being upgraded for the PS5, although no launch date is currently known. The remaster will include improved visuals that bring the graphics of the five-year-old PS4 game in line with that of its sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, according to a report by MP1st, which VGC has corroborated. 

The remaster is expected to include overhauled textures, improved animations, and higher-fidelity character models. It will also allegedly feature more accessibility options, performance upgrades, and quality of life improvements.

A new dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

Information on the alleged upcoming Horizon online multiplayer game is sparse. It’s supposedly being developed for PS5 and PC, and will feature co-op elements. As yet, there’s no indication of when it might release. 

As reported by Deadline last month, Netflix is currently working on a Horizon Zero Dawn TV show adaptation, which will be written and produced by The Umbrella Academy season 3 showrunner Steve Blackman. Again, no release date has been confirmed, although the launch of that adaptation and this reported PS5 remaster may tie together.

Horizon Zero Dawn will be only the latest in a long line of acclaimed PS4 games to receive a new-gen remaster. The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection was released at the top of the year and followed by the PS5 version of Ghost of Tsushima in July. Spider-Man re-released for the console only last month, while The Last of Us Part 1 launched in early September.

Horizon Zero Dawn received a free PS5 update last year, enabling 60fps support when running the game on Sony’s flagship console. It also received other graphical improvements, including widescreen support and higher draw distance, when it was ported to PC in 2020. But a full PS5 remaster would make more substantial performance changes, especially if it matches the astonishing facial animations and character details introduced in Forbidden West.

Until that remaster launches, we’ll have to make do with the original, or its brilliant spin-off board game

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