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World's first curved LCD announced

AU Optronics is ahead of the curve when it comes to LCD technology if the company's latest announcement is anything to go by.

At LA's SID (Society for Information Display) Week, the company unveiled a curved TFT-LCD that implements something called Curved Display Technology, allowing a screen of around 3.6in to be curved and still 100 per cent backlit.

Though there was no announcement on actual gadgets using the technology, AUO commented that these types of LCD screens could be used in the future in watches and dashboards.

Thin or curvy? Your choice

Just to prove that company isn't sizeist when it comes to LCD technology, AUO also announced simultaneously the world's thinnest LCD.

This waif-like 1.9in screen has a thickness of just 0.63mm, knocking a whopping 0.07mm of AUO's own record. Expect it to be implemented into super-chic mobile devices in the near future.