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More Xbox 360s sold in 2010 than year before

Xbox - selling like hot cakes
Xbox - selling like hot cakes

Microsoft is celebrating a key year for the Xbox 360, with the console actually selling far more in the US in 2010 than it did the year before.

Considering that the Xbox 360 is a now mature console, year on year growth is fairly remarkable, but the arrival of some key games in 2010 and, of course Kinect, has boosted the entire platform.

NPD's figures outlined a 42 per cent rise in US sales from 2009, and Microsoft clais that this makes it "the fastest-growing console in 2010".

December growth

Unsurprisingly, it was December that gave the Xbox a timely boost – with 1.9 million 360s sold in just that month as people raced to buy a console, and probably a Kinect as well, for Christmas.

The Xbox 360 was launched in late 2005 – and the fast that it is still selling so well will be the source of enormous pride within Microsoft.

The arrival of Kinect for Xbox 360 was always designed to give the platform a new lease of life, as it continues its longstanding rivalry with Sony's PlayStation 3.

And it appears to have worked, with the console no longer the domain of just the hard-core gamer.