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Dell outlines plans to build the best commercial PC

Dell World 2015

If you heard Michael Dell speak at Dell World, you would have guessed the PC business is booming, and not slumping like what the numbers may have you believe. After addressing the big EMC acquisition news, executives re-affirmed their commitment to the personal computing space by saying that the PC business is core to Dell.

This is a stark contrast to the performance of the industry as a whole. Chip-maker Intel reported a 19% decline in processor shipment volumes this past quarter compared to a year ago, and Windows 10-maker Microsoft reported that revenues of its personal computing division fell by 17%.

"There's still growth in the enterprise PC space," said Raza Haider, Executive Director of Dell's Commercial PC Product Group. "These devices are important to businesses as a way to recruit, hire and retain human capital."

A tool for recruiting

Dell's engineering and design team followed users around their home and offices to find out how they use their PCs. These devices aren't just about doing work, Mr. Razza explained. The devices help companies recruit talent, as people don't want to work for organizations that hands out black bricks for laptops at work.

Dell Chromebook 13

The devices also must address the changes in the way people work. Most people, don't just work at their desks any more. In fact, 35% of office workers are considered corridor warriors, or those who migrate between offices and rooms in a building. 20% of people work from home and 15-20% are mobile road warriors.

The devices must fit into the way people work, and people want sleek devices, Mr. Razza added. The message is similar to the conclusion that rival HP made.