Michael Dell discusses EMC acquisition, Dell's vision for future-proofing

Dell World 2015

Dell World 2015 promises to be an exciting time for Dell, and it's the first major public venue that Michael Dell has appeared at since announcing the $67 billion acquisition of EMC.

Mr. Dell had spoken briefly about his thoughts of the acquisition as well as his company's commitment to the PC industry as a whole during a brief press conference yesterday, promising to save the juicy details for today's audience at Dell World. Dell will also assume control of virtualization giant VMWare, a company that EMC owns, when the acquisition closes.

The world's largest startup

"When I took Dell private, I was asked if Dell would continue to make acquisitions," Mr. Dell began. "Well, it's go big or go home, baby. Dell is set to become an enterprise solutions powerhouse, to build an infrastructure for the next 20 or 30 years."

Mr. Dell called the partnership a "dream combination," as he highlights and showcases the solutions that Dell offers.

Michael Dell

The EMC deal gives Dell scale. EMC's brand is respected in large enterprise, and Dell has command of the mid-market and small business market. After the deal, Dell will align itself with EMC to leverage both brands and utilize a larger supply chain, Mr. Dell added.

This gives Dell an $80 billion a year business under a private company structure.


"I'm all in," Mr. Dell said of the deal. "When we took Dell private a couple years ago, we called Dell the world's largest startup. Now, with EMC, who knew how large a startup can be."

"There are more opportunities ahead of us than I've ever seen. And it arrives every second of every day," Mr. Dell continued.

Dell will leverage EMC's cloud technology to help customers transform their businesses digitally.


Closing the keynote, Mr. Dell and Karen Quintos, Dell's Chief Marketing Officer, talked about "future-proofing." Technology should help people solve challenges and make the world a better place, the executives said.

Ms. Quintos said that these technologies and solutions that Dell delivers will pave the way for the next wave of entrepreneurial innovations, giving innovators access to technology, networks and capital.

In addition to Elizabeth Gore, who leads Dell's Entrepreneur-in-Resident program, actor Adrian Grenier heads Dell's Social Good program. Mr. Grenier said that companies need to make money while doing good in a win-win for the bottom line and for human value.

"We know the way to change and shape the world," Ms. Quintos said, "is to support these entrepreneurs and ideas." Entrepreneurs help support job growth, innovation and a future-ready world.