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Apple TV update allows TV show purchases

Apple TV
Apple TV gets another software update

Apple has released a software update for its Apple TV set-top box, which allows users to buy shows from iTunes and watch them on-demand over the cloud.

The Apple TV Software Update 4.3 means that owners of the device are no longer restricted to the paltry range of TV shows available for rental.

Now Apple TV fans can choose from the full iTunes selection and buy them outright to watch again and again, rather than be limited to viewing over a certain time period.

As this generation of Apple TV does not feature a solid state drive to store downloaded shows, Apple is making the iTunes purchases available to stream at the user's convenience.


The software update also adds a tab for "Purchased" shows, which offers access to all of the TV shows you've bought from the iTunes Store, much like the iTunes in the Cloud service for purchased music.

The new functionality is not yet available for movies, but surely that's only a matter of time.

Also included in Monday's update is access to the Vimeo video sharing service, which for those of you who aren't familiar, is a more high-end version of YouTube, featuring a host of short films.

You should receive a prompt for the Apple TV Software Update next time you use the device.

via: Daring Fireball