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The wait for Tegra 4 devices looks very close to over

Nvidia Tegra 4
Let those 72 custom GPU take you into hyper drive

Chip maker Nvidia is preparing to unleash the first Tegra 4-powered devices on the market, with the initial wave of releases set to be revealed this very quarter.

According to PC World, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said Thursday during the company's quarterly earnings call that tablets and other Android devices using Tegra 4 will be announced soon.

Huang didn't provide any specifics, but said that "many" devices are in the works and that Tegra 4-powered devices will launch through the rest of this year.

He added that "performance matters" when it comes to "new computing devices" that are essentially "entry-level PCs."

Rumored Tegra 4 devices

Besides Nvidia's own Project Shield handheld gaming system, no Tegra 4 devices have been officially announced.

That hasn't stopped the leaks from flowing, though.

Among the rumored devices are a 10-inch Tegra 4 tablet from HP, a similar device from Toshiba, a ZTE "superphone," and others.

Huang also said that devices using the Tegra 4i, a more mainstream version of the Tegra 4, could be available as soon as the second half of this year, pending carrier certification.

Nvidia's fiscal results

Nvidia posted revenue of $954.7 million (UK£621 million, AU$953.8 million) and net profit of $77.9 million (UK£50.7 million, AU$77.8 million)for the quarter ending April 28. Those figures are up 3.2 percent and 29 percent, respectively, from the year before.

That growth was attributed to graphics cards sales, while Tegra sales fell in anticipation of the introduction of Tegra 4.

Qualcomm, meanwhile, stated earlier this year that its new Snapdragon 800 chip will "easily" win in the inevitable battle with the Tegra 4.