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Jamo moves into electronics

Jamo DMR 45: no-nonsense two-channel AV

Danish loudspeaker giant Jamo has decided to branch out a little into the world of hi-fi/home cinema electronics. No longer simply content with making boxes and woofers the firm has launched a 2.1 channel all-in-one receiver system ­ that’s sold with one of two stereo Jamo speaker package options.

Jamo be there

The new two-channel DMR 45 is based around a receiver with a DVD/CD drive and virtual surround sound. Designed to reproduce 5.1-style sound for those who cannot have (or do not want) five speakers in the room, the DMR 45 can support CD, DVD and CD-R discs encoded with MP3, WMA, MPEG-4 and DivX files – perfect for quick-fix video and audio.

It also comes with a 40-preset AM/FM tuner with RDS, a 2x 75-watt amplifier and DTS and Dolby Virtual Speaker pseudo-surround modeling.

Despite its modest price tag – the DMR 45 sells for £500 with a pair of Jamo satellites and a sub – it boasts the video enthusiast’s friend; 720p/1080i upscaling (through HDMI v1.3). There’s even a front-mounted USB port for users of portable music devices.

Customers wanting a bit more speaker oomph can upgrade their DMR 45 speaker package to another more substantial Jamo-based system, comprising a pair of newly launched floorstanding A 402 speakers and a larger subwoofer, for an extra £100.