Spotify Instafest: How to Create your dream festival lineup

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Spotify Wrapped - the annual recap of your personal listening habits on the music-streaming platform - is a huge part of internet culture that has cemented itself as a much-anticipated part of the year for many music fans.

The Wrapped roundups have flooded our feeds, with friends and family sharing the top artists and songs they've spent the year listening to. This year, though, there's a new website called Instafest, which is designed to turn your listening habits into an aesthetic festival showcase!

The key part of this is, of course, the festival poster. Have you ever imagined what a music festival specifically catering to you (and you alone) would look like? Well, now you don't have to. Follow these simple steps to see your own perfect festival lineup.

How to get a Spotify Festival Lineup Poster?

1. Getting Started

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Open up the Instafest site in your browser, and click the 'Sign in with Spotify' option. Log into your Spotify account, either with a direct login or through Facebook or Google. Allow the site access to your Spotify account.

Bear in mind you'll need to have been using Spotify for quite some time to get proper results. My poster is sparse because I've only just migrated over to Spotify and I'm not done setting it up yet. We've included below a poster from our Lifestyle Managing Editor, Josie, so you can see what it'll look like if you're a longtime Spotify user. 

2. Easy Breezy

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Under the 'customize' option choose the listening timeframe you want to use to generate your festival lineup: either four weeks, six months, or 'all time'. Pick a background style between the three rather snazzy options, Mojave Dusk, LA Twilight, and Malibu Sunrise.

Then you can name your Festival, either using your own name (like boring old me) or something more fitting to the vibe of your playlist. When you're ready, click the 'Save to Share' button to download your festival lineup and get sharing!

Instafest lineup from Josephine Watson

The final product! (Image credit: Josie on Intafest )

Keep in mind that the six-month and all-time options will give you a full three-day festival lineup but the four-week option will only give you a single-day lineup. Spotify Wrapped has already come and gone, serving as a neat little deep dive into your listening habits over 2022. If you feel like the Spotify roundup simply isn't aesthetic enough to share, or if you'd like a fun memento from your year of musical therapy, why not curate your own festival lineup?

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