Splatoon 3 Weapons: your guide to inky violence

Splatoon 3 weapons, inkling with Stringer
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Much like the Inklings themselves, the Splatoon 3 weapons come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. From Brellas to Chargers, Splatoon 3 offers you a whole host of different ways to dish out the ink. 

The latest addition to the hit series of whimsical Nintendo Switch shooters, Splatoon 3 is set to continue the fine tradition of inky chaos that we've come to expect. Though the game doesn't try to drastically alter the classic formula, it's clear that it provides Splatville with a new lick of ink. However, whether you're fighting for control of a Splat Zone or trying your luck in an Anarchy Battle, you'll need to know exactly what to expect from the different weapons available in the new game. 

As well as offering all of the classic weapon types, Splatoon 3 introduces the Splatana and the Stringer to the mix, offering new and exciting ways of inking your enemies. Below, we've set out a handy guide to every available main weapon type, as well as how to use them and a full list of all the variants. Whether you're a veteran of the Splatoon 3 demo, or brand new to the series, read on to learn everything you need to know about the inky onslaught. 

Splatoon 3 Weapons

Splatoon 3 Weapons: Splatanas

Splatoon 3 weapons, Splatana Stamper

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A new addition to your arsenal in Splatoon 3, these weapons fire slashes of ink much like you'd expect from an Inking katana. Hold down the trigger and you'll charge your swing, increasing the distance of the ink slash as well as the damage. While your regular attacks are horizontal, these charged attacks are vertical – definitely worth bearing in mind when you're on the offensive. 

  • Splatana Wiper – your run-of-the-mill Splatana
  • Splatana Stamper – a slower and stronger variant of the weapon

Splatoon 3 weapons: Stringers

Splatoon 3 weapons, Tri Stringer

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The second new weapon type available in Splatoon 3, the Stringer operates like a bow. Press the trigger and you'll shoot inky arrows that'll soar towards your target. Alternatively, you can charge up your shot, allowing you to fire detonating ink projectiles. 

  • Tri-Stringer – your basic Stringer that fires a barrage of three shots
  • REEF-LUX 450 – a lighter Stringer that can store charge between shots 

Splatoon 3 weapons: Shooters

Splatoon 3 weapons, 96 Gal

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Shooters fire small, precise blasts of ink and are analogous to an assault rifle from more conventional shooters. Some fire semi-automatic blasts while others allow for fully automatic fire. Here's a complete list of all the Shooters:

  • Sploosh-o-matic – a close range option with a high rate of fire
  • Splattershot Jr. – low damage, but with a high rate of fire and high ink efficiency
  • Splash-o-matic – a highly accurate, close range shooter 
  • Aerospray – a low damage, close-range weapon offering an extremely wide shot-spread
  • Splattershot – mid-damage and mid-range, this Shooter is the jack-of-all-trades
  • .52 Gal – this mid-range shooter is inaccurate but deals a lot of damage
  • N-ZAP – low damage, but boasts a fast rate of fire
  • Dual Squelcher – despite its low damage, this Shooter boasts an impressive effective range
  • Splattershot Pro – a long-range weapon offering decent damage, but suffering from high ink consumption. 
  • .96 Gal – high damage and long range, but suffering from low accuracy and very high rates of ink consumption
  • Jet Squalcher – a low-damage option with extremely long range
  • L-3 Nozzlenose – a mid-range, but accurate burst-fire weapon
  • H-3 Nzzlenose – a long-range burst fire Shooter
  • Squeezer – a versatile weapon, able to switch between semi-auto and full-auto modes. 

Splatoon 3 Weapons: Rollers

Splatoon 3 weapons, Dynamo Roller

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These heavy-duty weapons leave a wide trail of ink on the ground and can be used to flick enemies that get near it. Anyone unfortunate enough to be in the path off the roller may find themselves getting instantly crushed, so why not steer it towards your hapless enemies? Here are your Rollers in Splatoon 3:

  • Carbon Roller – a lightweight Roller that sacrifices the ability to flatten opponents for increased speed and mobility 
  • Splat Roller – a dull, but reliable run-of-the-mill Roller
  • Dynamo Roller – a heavy roller which can throw ink very far but slows your movement
  • Flingza Roller – a versatile roller that changes shape when you swing it. In horizontal mode it behaves like the Splat Roller while, when vertical, it becomes a heavier weapon like the Dynamo Roller

Splatoon 3 Weapons: Chargers

Splatoon 3 weapons, Classic Squiffer

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Chargers allow you to, as the name suggests, charge up a shot before releasing a large damage attack at long range. Though uncharged shots are possible, these are pretty lacklustre and aren't usually worth doing.  Here's your list of Chargers, Splatoon's answer to snipers:

  • Classic Squiffer – a fast charger, capable of splatting opponents in one hit at the cost of range. 
  • Splat Charger – this Charger has good range and a solid charge time. It can also store its charge between shots
  • Splatterscope – a Charger with a scope for extra range and accuracy 
  • E-liter – very long range, but suffers from a long charge time and heavy ink consumption. It can also store its charge, though
  • E-liter Scope – an E-liter variant with a scope to help with aiming
  • Bamboozler 14 – has a very quick charge time, but a weak damage output making it unable to one-shot enemies
  • Good Tuber – A Charger that can hold its charge for a very long time

Splatoon 3 weapons: Sloshers

Splatoon 3 weapons, Explosher

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These single-shot weapons act a little like artillery. Sloshers can fire in arcs, allowing them to hit opponents in all sorts of interesting ways. Here's your list of every Slosher in Splatoon 3: 

  • Slosher – a standard weapon with middling stats
  • Tri-Slosher – this oddity launches ink in three directions at once, at the cost of range and damage
  • Sloshing Machine – this weapon fires a bust of artillery followed by an inky aftershock. Enemies hit in the aftershock will take light damage
  • Bloblobber – this long ranged artillery fires four blobs that bounce along the ground 
  • Explosher – this accurate Slosher fires slow, long-range bursts of ink that explode when they hit solid obstacles, but which keep going after hitting enemies

Splatoon 3 Weapons: Splatlings

Splatoon 3 weapons, Splatling gun

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These miniguns have a high rate of fire and unleash a barrage of inky pellets. However, you'll need to keep them at a full charge to get the most out of them. Here are your Splatling options:

  • Mini Splatling – a light minigun with a short charge time but limited range.
  • Heavy Splatling – the basic Splatling, not too slow and not too fast 
  • Hydra Splatling – very long range and capible of continuous fire, the Hydra is only held back by its high levels of ink consumption
  • Ballpoint Splatling – this one has two different firing settings: a short range, high intensity mode and a long range, slower but more accurate mode
  • Nautilus – short ranged, but able to store its charge 

Splatoon 3 Weapons: Dualies

Splatoon 3 weapons, Dapple Dualies

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These fast and versatile paired pistols allow you to use a special dodge roll to avoid incoming fire. After the roll, you'll get a slight bonus depending on the Dualies you're using. Here are all the Dualies in Splatoon 3:

  • Dapple Dualies – these Dualies have a high rate of fire and a quick dodge roll but are lacking in the range department
  • Splat Dualies – the most basic Dualies with no exceptional qualities
  • Googa Dualies – these long range pistols suffer from a low fire rate
  • Dualie Squelchers – these offer a great range and great mobility 
  • Tetra Dualies – these make you extremely mobile and not only let you shoot by rolling but also allow up to four dodge rolls in a row instead of the usual two

Splatoon 3 Weapons: Brellas

Splatoon 3 weapons, Splat Brella

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Brellas are analogous to shotguns, but offer an interesting twist in the form of a deployable shield. Here's every Brella: 

  • Splat Brella – the basic, all-rounder Brella
  • Tenta Brella – a heavy Brella with a tougher shield
  • Undercover Brella – a light Brella which can be fired when its shield is active 

Splatoon 3 Weapons: Blasters

Splatoon 3 weapons, Blaster

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Blasters fire large payloads which explode after a set time. This makes them very effective crowd-control weapons. Here's your list of Splatoon 3's blasters:

  • Luna Blaster – high damage and close range
  • Blaster – a slow, but powerful close range weapon
  • Range Blaster – a mid-range variant of the Blaster
  • Clash Blaster – a low damage blaster with an impressive rate of fire
  • Rapid Blaster – a long range Blaster which fires at impressive speeds
  • Rapid Blaster Pro – a slower and more deliberate variant of the regular Rapid Blaster

Splatoon 3 Weapons: Brushes

Splatoon 3 weapons, Inkbrush

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Similar to Rollers in some ways, Brushes leave a narrow trail of ink but are much faster than their wider cousins. Brushes use a fast, rapid fire flick to deal damage, rather than relying on the deliberate crushing effect used by Rollers. Here's your list of Brushes: 

  • Inkbrush – fast and shot ranged, allowing the user to move extremely quickly . Light in the damage department
  • Octobrush – a slower, heavier brush with better damage output

Now you've seen every main weapon available in Splatoon 3. Time to choose your weapon and make your mark.

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