Splatoon 3 locker guide: location and how to customize

Splatoon 3 locker, Inklings hanging out in inkopolis
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The Splatoon 3 locker is a neat, fresh new feature. This customizable personal space can be used to perfectly complement your Fresh Fits and express your own unique aesthetic.

Splatoon 3 has a distinct sense of style, keen to emphasize personalization and individuality. From the vibrant Splatoon 3 idols to the myriad of Fresh Fits available, it's clear that Nintendo takes self-expression seriously when it comes to Splatoon. Customizability oozes out of the game's every inky pore. Even the Splatoon 3 weapons can be heavily altered to fit your playstyle and visual preferences. 

Lockers are, perhaps, the epitome of this emphasis on self-expression. These player-owned spaces can be customized with all sorts of stickers and paraphernalia. You can even squeeze the occasional item of furniture into your locker if you really want to go overboard. If you're like us, you may be at risk of spending hours on your Nintendo Switch, painstakingly curating your lockers. In this guide we'll tell you how to unlock the feature, where to go to track down your locker and how to customize the space to your liking. 

Splatoon 3 locker guide

Splatoon 3 locker: where to find it

Splatoon 3 locker guide, outside the lobby tower

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In order to first access your locker, you'll need to reach Level 4 in multiplayer. This will require you to have joined a few Regular Battles. If you're keen to get to Level 4 quickly, you can use EXP tickets to give yourself a boost. It's also worth pointing out that wins grant you more EXP than losses, so be sure to do your best out there.

These tickets can be earned in a number of Splatoon 3's modes. They appear as random rewards from the PvE Salmon Run mode, and can also be found hidden in the campaign's Alterna hub. A particularly handy EXP ticket that boosts experience for your entire squad is found in Alterna's first area. So if you're keen to level up and help others along the way, grab this first before diving into multiplayer.

Once you've hit Level 4, head back into the lobby. In case you need a refresher, this is the tall cylindrical building in the screenshot above with the yellow cross on the front. Alternatively, hit X on your Joy-Con or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to bring up the fast travel menu, and select 'Lobby' to go there instantly.

Splatoon 3 locker guide, locker location

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Next, head inside and go towards the wide screen doors on the right hand side. The lockers are just through there. 

Splatoon 3 locker: how to use it

Splatoon 3 locker guide, open locker

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To use the lockers, simply approach them and press the button prompt. You'll then be able to scroll through other players' lockers and edit your own. The lockers on display belong to players with whom you've recently played, so get ready to find out more about your teammates. To edit your locker, simply select it and press the '+' button. 

Splatoon 3 locker guide, editing the locker

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You'll now be able to place objects and stickers across your locker. Your locker is a space that is entirely your own; free to be customized and altered as much as you wish. You can use your collection to express yourself in a way that's truly unique to you. Want to turn your locker into a neon pink paradise? You can! Would you prefer something neat, ordered, and understated? That's absolutely an option, too. 

If your collection looks a bit barren, lots of locker paraphernalia can be unlocked through single-player mode. And be sure to visit Harmony over at the Hotlantis store in Splatsville. Here you can spend cash earned from Turf War, Anarchy Battles and Salmon Run on a huge variety of locker decorations. Harmony's stock swaps out on a daily basis, so make sure you're checking into Hotlantis on the regular.

Now you know where to find your locker in Splatoon 3 and how to customize it. With a bit of effort and love, your locker will be the envy of Inklings all over the world. 

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