Splatoon 3 idols: what to know about the characters

Splatoon 3 idols guide: Deep Cut wearing masks
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The new Splatoon 3 idols are here! With each Splatoon game comes a brand new set of lovable popstars who embody the colorful, and delightfully manic people of Splatsville. 

There are all sorts of great new features to enjoy in Splatoon 3. From new multiplayer modes to shiny new graphics, fans across the world are relishing everything the latest title in the series has to offer – and that's before we've even touched on the new array of Splatoon 3 weapons or the exciting change to one of its best modes.

Bringing its now established brand to the Nintendo Switch once more, you can hop into the latest iteration of the joyful third-person shooter. However, no great contest of skill and inky prowess is complete without suitably flamboyant announcers. The original Splatoon gave us the Squid Sisters, Splatoon 2 gave us Marina and Pearl and Splatoon 3 gives us three new idols to preside over Splatfests. Sit, back, relax and get ready to meet the three members of Deep Cut. 

Splatoon 3 idols

Splatoon 3 idols: Deep Cut

Splatoon idols guide: Deep Cut Close up

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No Splatoon game is complete without its Idols, and Splatoon 3 is no different. In the most recent entry in the series, Splatoon 2's Off The Hook has been replaced by a brand new idol group: Deep Cut. Shiver, Frye and Big Man make up this iconic trio and are a constant fixture of Splatoon 3. 

You can check out their debut song on the Nintendo YouTube channel.  

Splatoon idols guide: splatcast presentation

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You'll primarily encounter Deep Cut through their in-game news program: The Anarchy Splatcast. In this show, our three personalities will give you the lowdown on all the details for the latest Splatfests as well as announcements as to which maps and game modes are currently in rotation. 

During Splatfests, each idol will pick a specific side to support before you're asked to do the same. We don't know about you, but, I'm going to be siding with Big Man every time. Just look at his adorable face. 

In the interests of fairness, we've prepared a spotlight on each of Deep Cut's members – read on to find out more. 

Splatoon 3 idols: Shiver

Splatoon idols guide: Shiver Dancing

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This violet-haired Octoling has an aloof and haughty personality. Her shark tooth earrings are an allusion to her nickname: "shark tamer". The white sarashi she wears under her purple shawl, as well as the shimenawa rope she wears in her hair serve to reinforce the traditional Japanese aesthetic that Deep Cut loves to channel in their songs and dances. 

Splatoon 3 idols: Frye

Splatoon idols guide, Frye dancing

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Easily the most chaotic member of the Deep Cut, Frye is a lover of treasure hunting, dancing, and practical yet stylish trousers. With her casual yet stylish aesthetic, we're sure Frye will be a fan favorite in no time. Her shawl even lights up in time with Deep Cut's music – what's not to like? 

Splatoon 3 idols: Big Man

Splatoon idols guide, Big Man singing

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Here he is: Big Man, himself. This large, manta-ray is incapable of conventional speech, but, fortunately, we're treated to translations of his nautical wisdom in Splatoon's text boxes. Despite his unusual appearance, he's just as dedicated to fashion as his bandmates, and sports a distinctive red and white headdress in the traditional Japanese style. Though he may be as avaricious as Frye, we just can't stay mad at the big lug.   

Now you know everything there is to know about Deep Cut and its three iconic idols. We can't wait to see what the crew gets up to across Splatoon's seasons. 

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