Overwatch 2 Torbjörn guide: lore, abilities, and gameplay

Torbjörn running with his weapon outstretched
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In Overwatch 2, Torbjörn has received an indirect buff to his turrets now there’s fewer tanks and, therefore, shields to block his attacks. Now heroes play behind shields less; it’s like open season for the fearsome yet tiny mechanic. 

Despite his compact size, Torbjörn packs a punch, with his turret and primary fire dealing a steady amount of damage. While you won’t see him flanking the enemy team with a Tracer or Genji, Torbjörn can protect payloads or objective points as a defensive assistant to his tank and support teammates. 

Overwatch 2 has called for more skirmishes and smaller fights, meaning Torbjörn has more chances to show what he’s made of, but try not to take on the enemy tank alone. Want to know more about the ingenious mechanic? Read on for the rest of our Overwatch 2 Torbjörn guide to figure out if he’s the hero for you.  

Overwatch 2 Torbjörn guide

Overwatch 2 Torbjörn: story and background

Even before the Omnic Crisis, Torbjörn had a deep mistrust of artificial intelligence, believing that his inventions had to serve a better purpose for humanity. Thankfully when his worst fears were realized after the robot masses rose against their human creators, Torbjorn was ready to protect the world's citizens and join the original Overwatch strike force alongside Mercy, Soldier 76, Reinhardt, Tracer and more. 

In Overwatch 2, Torbjörn has carried on this crusade despite splitting off from the main team. After he adopted an oddly peaceful Bastion unit, the old mechanic's views changed. Feeling responsible for his own creations, Torbjörn has decided to travel the world recovering his stolen inventions and preventing them from wreaking havoc on the innocent. 

But when he’s not fighting against evil organisations or fixing up old omnics, Torbjörn supports his daughter, and newbie hero, Brigitte

Overwatch 2 Torbjörn: abilities breakdown

Primary Weapon: Rivet Gun  

Torbjorn firing at Winston

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Description: Changes between a slow-firing long-range weapon and an inaccurate but rapid short-range weapon.

In Overwatch 2, Torbjörn is one of several heroes that rely on projectile-like weapons. While it’ll make hitting airborne heroes like Echo or Pharah harder, it can be just as lethal as hitscan weapons like Soldier 76’s pulse rifle. 

Dealing 125 damage per shot, as long as your aim is somewhat stable, you can fight with the best of them. 

Some tips and tricks for this weapon:

  • Automatically reloads if Torbjörn equips his Forge Hammer for 2 or more seconds.  
  • Has one of the longer reload times of 2 seconds.  

Secondary Weapon: Forge Hammer  

Torbjörn jumping while rockets explode all around him

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Description: A multipurpose hammer that can either damage an enemy or fix a turret. 

Torbjörn is one of the few heroes with a secondary weapon in Overwatch 2. While you’d be better off using the Forge Hammer to repair a broken turret, you can use it as a last-ditch defense tool in desperate times or a way to kill an enemy in the most embarrassing way possible. 

Some tips and tricks for this weapon:

  • Torbjörn cannot use quick melee with Forge Hammer equipped.  

Ability: Deploy Turret  

Torbjorn deploying a turret

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Description: Deploy a self-building turret. 

In Overwatch 2, Torbjörn’s turret is a unique ability, with only Symmetra having a skill slightly similar. With a total health of 225, this turret is almost like an extra player on your five-hero team. Capable of attacking from 40 meters away, dealing 14 damage per 0.25 seconds, this ability deals a steady amount of damage against the enemy team. 

The Deploy Turret will fire against the closest enemy until they die or move out of range. This means that flanking enemy heroes have a more challenging time going up against the turret, as it deals damage and reveals their location. 

Some tips and tricks for this ability:

  • Targets can be changed if Torbjörn damages an enemy with Rivet Gun’s primary fire.  
  • The Deploy Turret cannot be redeployed if damaged within three seconds. 
  • The turret can be placed on Lifeweaver’s Petal Platform.  

Ability: Overload  

Torbjorn firing primary weapon

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Description: Gain additional health as well as improved attack, movement, and reload speed. 

Torbjörn isn’t the fastest Overwatch 2 hero and certainly isn’t known for his mobility; this is why his Overload ability is so important. Overload gives Torbjörn 100 extra health and a 30% movement speed buff, as well as increasing the rate of fire for the mechanic’s weapons. 

While this only lasts for five seconds, it can come in clutch if you need a retreat or are close to catching up to a low enemy hero, high-tailing it back to spawn. 

Some tips and tricks for this ability:

  • This ability increases Forge Hammer’s swing rate by 41%, meaning that you can use this as one scary offensive tool. 

Ultimate: Molten Core  

Torbjorn firing molten core

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Description: Shoots out molten slag that damages the enemy. 

Molten Core is a brilliant area of effect ultimate that can close off large swathes of an objective point if used correctly. With the pools of slag dealing 160 damage per second (and an extra 90 damage against armor), it’s the most lethal game of ‘the floor is lava’. 

If you’re playing an objective point during overtime, then this ultimate is a brilliant way to force the enemy team off the point giving your team the win. It can also prevent enemies from moving through key locations if placed at the exit of a choke point. 

Some tips and tricks for this ultimate: 

  • Damage from pools does not stack, so spread the slag out.   
  • The projectiles can be negated by D.Va’s Defense Matrix, Sigma’s Kinetic Graso, and Orisa’s Javelin Spin  

Overwatch 2 Torbjörn: gameplay breakdown

Torbjorn firing his primary weapon

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

In Overwatch 2, Torbjörn has benefitted from one less tank, which means team fights are no longer hidden behind two opposing shields. Now heroes are encouraged to part from their tank; there are far more opportunities for easy pickings at the hands of Torbjorns Rivet Gun and Deploy Turret. 

While you shouldn’t overextend as Torbjörn, it is now easier to chase down enemy DPS or Support heroes who have crossed over enemy lines; now you don’t have to worry about a spare tank dropping down on your head. 

You’ll also find that Torbjörn's turret is extremely useful for punishing enemy heroes flanking behind your team, providing your support teammates with some extra defense. Ultimately, Torbjörn's goal isn’t to get the most kills on a team, although that would be nice. Instead, it is to provide supports with cover and defend the objective point and payload by producing the most damage output. Hopefully, you’ll have an eager Soldier 76 or Reaper to finish off the rest of the enemy team, once you’ve done a good bulk of damage. 

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