Overwatch 2 Bastion guide: abilities, lore, and gameplay

Overwatch 2 Bastion running
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When it comes to Overwatch 2, Bastion is the oldest you could get. This helpful omnic’s release date predates the first Overwatch release, as he was shown for the first time when Overwatch was announced in 2014. 

Bastion’s abilities have changed a lot since the release of the original Overwatch. In Overwatch 2, It’s almost like he’s an entirely different omnic.

Sadly, for Bastion players, this means there’s a lot to unlearn and a few habits to break before getting to grips with this new playstyle; years of academy training wasted. But not to worry, because we’ll go over everything, there is to know about our robotic friend so you can master his machine ways in no time.

Overwatch 2 Bastion

Overwatch 2 Bastion: story and background

Unfortunately, Bastion’s backstory isn’t as cheerful as the happy mossy omnic would lead you to believe. Left abandoned and dormant after one of the most devastating battles of the Omnic Crisis (a Civil war between man and omnic), Bastion awoke to find a different world. 

Where there was once nothing but carnage now lay a dormant battlefield filled with flowers and birdsong. Accompanied by his newfound bird friend, Ganymede, the rusted omnic finally found his way into the care of our favorite mechanic, Torbjorn Lindholm. 

Now the pair work together to help the humans he once fought against in hopes of finding peace in this new and unfamiliar world. 

Overwatch 2 Bastion: Abilities

Primary Fire: Configuration: Recon 

Overwatch 2 Bastion shooting

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Description: Bastion’s default form allows him to carry an automatic gun. 

Luckily this is one of the few features of Overwatch 2’s Bastion that hasn’t changed much. In Recon, you can still plod around and your own pace while utilizing the automatic, lightweight gun on your right arm. This gun is hitscan, so you can be highly accurate even when you're on the move.

Some tips and tricks to note about this weapon:

  • Although Configuration: Recon is hitscan, it should mainly be used for covering yourself when running across open maps (hence the name recon) or when doing poke damage behind your tank or walls.  

Ability: Configuration: Assault 

Overwatch 2 Bastion turret

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Description: A slow-moving tank with a powerful rotary cannon. 

This cannon will look familiar if you’ve known Bastion for a while. Bastion could use this cannon for an unlimited amount of time in the first game. Sadly, in Overwatch 2, Bastion will only be able to make the best of this ability for six seconds. 

You were also once able to heal yourself while in this mode, but that has now been swapped out for the ability to move around the map while in turret mode. This has meant that Bastion is more aggressive in this form, being able to follow enemies around obstacles. However, the lack of self-healing means you cannot overextend yourself like you once could. 

Some tips and tricks to note about this weapon:

  • The best way to use this cannon is to use it against shields and tanks; they should be your target.  
  • If an enemy Widowmaker is firing at you aiming to get a headshot, changing into Assault mode can foil her plans as it puts your weak point behind you.  

Ability: A-36 Tactical Grenade 

Overwatch 2 Bastion sitting

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Description: A bomb that can bounce off walls and will explore when coming into contact with the floor or enemies. 

This bomb can be surprisingly helpful when scaring off enemy heroes. This arching projectile can do a total of 115 damage. If it encounters an unsuspecting DPS or support, most of their health is gone before they know it. You can also target tanks with this ability, especially if you’re up against one that just can’t seem to die. 

This bomb is also handy for making space as there is a slight delay in explosion once it hits the floor, so other heroes tend to run for the hills when they see it. 

Some tips and tricks to note about this weapon:

  • While this bomb will bounce off walls, it will not bounce once on the floor.  
  • You need to exercise some caution when using this ability as you can take up to 50 damage unto yourself if you’re too close to the explosion.  

Passive Ability: Ironclad  

Overwatch 2 Bastion with Hanzo

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Description: Reduces damage taken while transformed into Assault mode.

This passive will reduce damage taken when you shift into Configuration: Assault by 20%. While this isn’t the same as the old self-healing ability, it does make sure you’re a bit scarier when attacking. 

Some tips and tricks to note about this weapon:

  • Passive abilities happen automatically without needing any action from the player.   

Ultimate: Configuration: Artillery  

Overwatch 2 Bastion hero page

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Description: Fire up to three powerful artillery shells. 

This ultimate is new to Overwatch 2; Bastion never had anything like this before. In the first  Overwatch, Bastion’s ultimate resembled his Assault ability; however, now you become an immobile cannon and can select three areas on the map to shell. Sadly there’s no more chance of Bastion carpet bombing the map; that bug was fixed long ago.

Some tips and tricks to note about this weapon:

  • You’re immobile and defenseless when in this ultimate, so be sure to pick somewhere out of sight to set it off.  
  • You can only shell the surface; there is no going in rooms or under-covered areas. 
  • This is a great way to clear a point of foil the exit plan of the enemy team. 

Overwatch 2 Bastion: gameplay breakdown

Overwatch 2 Bastion kings row

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Thanks to the massive overhaul in Overwatch 2, Bastion has changed massively since his first release; no, he doesn’t have a shield anymore, and no, he can’t heal himself. But his new abilities make him a valuable member of any team. 

First off, in Overwatch 2, Bastion is still a crucial counter to shields. Although there is a significantly fewer of these in Overwatch 2, tanks like Reinhart, Sigma, and Ramattra still have some access to these. Bastion can shred shields quicker than anyone else in his Assault configuration, removing a great deal of protection from the enemy team. 

Thankfully for Overwatch 2, Bastion does have the added advantage of some mobility in his turret mode. Despite a time limit, you can dodge and ambush the enemy team more easily now. However, it is essential to note that this does not make up for the lack of self-healing. It can be easy to forget that you can no longer just top up your health, so keep a close eye on your health bar to ensure you don’t get stuck in any sticky situations. 

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