Overwatch 2 Orisa guide: lore, abilities, and gameplay

Overwatch 2 Orisa aiming to attack
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In Overwatch 2, Orisa is a force to be reckoned with. No longer the friendly and protective shield tank we once knew, this beast has been reworked for the sequel, and what we’re left with is more terrifying than the original. 

Now Orisa has become more mobile, with her focus shifting from staying at a safe distance with her supports to being the first one charging into the enemy backlines. This was a much-needed change considering Overwatch 2’s shift to one tank per team. 

Want to get the most out of Orisa’s new mechanics and her unshakable character? Read on to figure out if this tank is the right fit for you. 

Overwatch 2 Orisa 

Overwatch 2 Orisa: story and background

In Overwatch 2, Orisa’s life began in the young scientist Efi Oladele’s workshop. Here Efi remodeled an old and broken down OR14 omnic bot that Doomfist had destroyed during his attack on Numbani’s airport. 

OR15, known as Orisa, was eventually finished by Efi with the help of Lucio and Sojourn. After this, Orisa was tasked with learning what it meant to be a true hero and help protect the people of Numbani with her newfound powers.  

Overwatch 2 Orisa: abilities breakdown

Primary Weapon: Augmented Fusion Driver  

Overwatch 2 Orisa firing her gun

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Description: An automatic heat-based weapon that deals more damage at a closer range.

In Overwatch 2, Orisa is similar to D.Va in that both tanks benefit from infinite ammo. However, after five seconds, Orisa still needs to reload, thanks to her weapon overheating. 

The Augmented Fusion Driver also has a fall-off range of 15 to 25 meters, so it’s best to be up close and personal to get the most out of it. 

Some tips and tricks for this weapon: 

  • Orisa can circumvent reloading if she uses her ability Fortify.  
  • As this weapon is a projectile, there is a slight delay between firing bullets and those hitting your target - the delay widens the further away you are from a target.  

Ability: Energy Javelin  

Overwatch 2 Orisa throwing her javelin

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Description: Launch a Javelin to stun and knock them back. 

Orisa’s Javelin deals 60 impact damage coupled with 0.2 seconds stun and a further 40 damage with 0.3 seconds stun if an enemy is knocked back into a wall (now that’s some serious whiplash). 

This ability is instrumental when trying to get rid of a particularly aggressive enemy hero or if you want to ruin someone’s day by using your Javelin to knock an enemy player out of their ultimate. 

Some tips and tricks for this ability: 

  • This ability travels incredibly fast (at 70 meters per second), a great way to surprise and confuse the enemy team.  
  • If your aim isn’t where it should be, then just aim for your biggest opponent, an enemy Reinhardt or Roadhog will be easy pickings for you.  

Ability: Fortify  

Overwatch 2 Orisa using Fortify against Soldier 76

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Description: Gain temporary health, reduce damage taken and eliminate mobility restrictions.

Fortify is one of the most dangerous assets Orisa has. Providing the tank with 75% overhealth, damage reduction of 40%, and lasting a total of 4.5 seconds, the ability eliminates almost every external enemy ability. 

Junkrat’s Steel Mine, Mei’s Freeze, and Roadhog’s Chain Hook deal no damage and do not stun Orisa when she is in this state. Reinhardt’s Charge will also not affect Orisa and instead act as if he ran into a brick wall. 

Some tips and tricks for this ability: 

  • Fortify reduces heat generated from firing by 50%, meaning that Orisa needs to reload half as much.  
  • Orisa is immune to headshots while in this state.  
  • The only way to stop Orisa using Fortify is for Sombra to Hack her. 

Ability: Javelin Spin 

Overwatch 2 Orisa javelin spin

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Description: Spin your weapon to destroy projectiles while also pushing enemies backward. 

In Overwatch 2, Orisa had her old shield removed; the Javelin Spin is a small replacement for this loss. While it cannot mitigate as much damage as her previous shield, it has other perks. 

While using Javelin Spin, Orisa benefits from a 50% movement speed increase. Orisa can also damage enemy heroes she runs into while using this ability, dealing up to 100 damage. This is a great way to knock enemy heroes off the objective or map. 

Some tips and tricks for this ability: 

  • Orisa cannot shoot or use quick melee when using Javelin Spin.  
  • Fortify can be used simultaneously with Javelin Spin. 
  • This ability cannot block beam attacks like Symettra’s Photon Projector or Area of Effect damage like Sigma’s Accretion.  

Ultimate: Terra Surge  

Overwatch 2 Orisa using her ultimate

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Description: Gain the effects of Fortify and bring in enemies to then unleash a deadly blow. 

In Overwatch 2, Orisa has a new ultimate, which is significantly more aggressive than her previous one that simply damage-boosted her teammates. Instead, Terra Surge can deal up to 500 instant damage within a nine-meter radius when charged to its fullest. 

Thanks to the additional benefits of Fortify, Orisa cannot be affected by most disruption projectiles like Ana’s Sleep Dart when using her ultimate. However, as it can take up to four seconds to charge, be sure you don’t go in alone, as you’ll need your support to heal you so you can get maximum damage. 

Some tips and tricks for this ultimate: 

  • Zenyatta’s ultimate Transcendence cannot mitigate Terra Surge as Zen heals over time, and Orisa’s ultimate deals instant damage.  
  • The minimum time for charging required to kill a 200hp enemy is 2.6 seconds. 
  • Initial pull, periodic damage, and final damage all pierce enemy barriers. 

Overwatch 2 Orisa: gameplay breakdown

Overwatch 2 Orisa standing still

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

In Overwatch 2, Orisa has been reworked to be more aggressive than she previously was. While it can be difficult for returning players to get their heads around initially, playing Orisa as if you’re out for blood is crucial to success. 

Now left without a shield, Orisa’s way to protect her teammates is simply using herself as a body block; getting in between the enemy team and your support is a crucial aspect of this hero. 

Coordination is also vital; your side will benefit from staying close by when Orisa is the team tank. This is because she is such a force to be reckoned with Orisa can usually fight more than one enemy at once. 

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