Palworld Coal locations and how to farm it faster

Three players use gliders to soar over Palworld's open world. A Syndicate Tower can be seen in the distance
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What is Palworld?

Pals carrying ingots as part of a production line. Furnaces can be seen in the background

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Palworld is a survival game with Pokémon-like catching and battling mechanics built in. The key difference is that the monsters, or Pals, can use weapons and be assigned to help work in your Bases. Defeating Pals will drop resources like Wheat, and bosses will drop Ancient Technology Points when taken out, which can then be used for base building.

Palworld Coal is an essential resource that can be mined from black deposits. It's quite rare, and will only spawn outside of the main starting area. But it's easy enough to find once you know where to look.

Different mining outcrops drop different resources in Palword, the new survival game that's already captivated millions of players across Xbox Game Pass and Steam. Coal is found in the desert biome, which occupies just a small section of the open world. If you want to make the most of your time and farm as much Coal as possible, you can seriously speed things up by bringing the right Tools and Pals along with you.

Here's how to get Coal in Palworld, including some tips on farming Coal at a faster rate, to make the most of your Pals' abilities and the durability of your pickaxes. We'll also detail some of the things that you can craft with Coal.

How to get Coal in Palworld

Coal highlighted in the player inventory menu

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To get Coal in Palworld, you'll need to go after specific ore deposits found in the open world. They spawn as large black rocks, that are pretty hard to distinguish from normal stone deposits. To find Coal, you'll want to head to the desert biome, as marked on the map below.

Make sure to bring a Pickaxe with you when going after Coal, as well as plenty of inventory space. It'll fill up very quickly as you mine the resource, so it's also best to stick close to a Fast Travel point that you can use to transfer your spoils back to Base.

Elsewhere, you can find Coal in Chests, but this is much more random and unreliable. Merchants might sell you Coal as well, in exchange for Gold Coins.

Palworld Coal Farming tips

The Metal Pickaxe shown in the Crafting Menu of the Crafting Bench

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To farm Coal in Palworld, you'll first want to consider the tools that you're using. Bring a Metal Pickaxe to farm Coal faster - you can make them with Ingots, Stone, and Wood at a crafting bench.

After that, take a look at the right Pals to bring with you. Cattiva is a great choice early on, as having them in your party will increase your Carry Capacity. Once you have some Coal, you'll be able to make even better pickaxes as well. Do this early to increase your Coal yield.

Cattiva shown in the Paldeck

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For Pals that'll actually help you mine, go out to the Desert Biome and catch yourself a Digtoise (you'll be heading there for Coal anyway). This Pal has level two mining skills and will assist you when farming Ore, and other deposits like Sulfur. Bring Mega Pal Spheres to catch Digtoise, as they tend to spawn at level 20.

A player watches a digtoise in the desert

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The Desert is a great place to find Coal in general, given that you can locate many Coal deposits in a small area. Consider building a Camp nearby so that you can transfer Coal back quickly, and even have Pals mine it for you. There are Fast Travel points to the West of the Desert, in the Bamboo forests. Another approach is to consider bringing a Nitewing that you can ride on as that'll enable you to move around the hills surrounding the Desert more quickly.

The Heat Resistant Pelt Armor shown in Palworld's Technology menu

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The main thing to be aware of when farming Coal in the desert is that you'll need some heat resistance to shield yourself. Unlock the Heat Resistant Pelt Armor and wear it on your expeditions.

What is Coal used for in Palworld?

Pals work on a production line making assault rifles

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Coal's main use in Palworld is to craft Refined Ingots. These are used in higher-quality tools and weaponry, and there are some Base Missions tied to them as well. You can also turn Coal into Carbon Fiber, so make sure to craft an Improved Furnace to make the most of your Coal supply.

That's how to get Coal in Palworld. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guide on getting Palworld Pal Fluids. Elsewhere, there's more monster-catching fun to be had in our best Pokemon games list.

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