Palworld Pal Fluids - where to get Pal Fluids and what they're used for

A player rides on the back of a Pal that's carrying a minigun
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What is Palworld?

Pals carrying ingots as part of a production line. Furnaces can be seen in the background

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Palworld is a survival game with Pokémon-like catching and battling mechanics built in. The key difference is that the monsters, or Pals, can use weapons and be assigned to help work in your Bases. Defeating Pals will drop resources like Wheat and Leather, which can then be used for base building.

Palworld Pal Fluids can be collected from certain Pals, primarily water-types. Not every water-type will drop them however, so you'll need to know exactly which pals are worth your time.

Different Pals drop different resources in Palword, the new survival game that's already taking the Steam Charts and Game Pass by storm. Pal Fluids are quite tricky to track down, given that there's only a handful of Pals that will be carrying them out in the open world. To get as much as possible, you'll need to zero in on the right Pals. That's where this guide comes in.

Here's how to get Pal Fluids in Palworld, including a list of Pals that drop Pal Fluids after being defeated or captured. We'll also detail some of the things that you can do with Pal Fluids.

How to get Pal Fluids in Palworld

Pal Fluids highlighted in the inventory menu

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To get Pal Fluids in Palworld, you'll need to go after specific Pals that'll drop them when captured or killed. In this case, only Water Type Pals can drop Pal Fluids (though not all of them will). There are four Pals that we'd like to focus on here, as they're all found relatively close to the default spawn point for most players. The first is Pengullet, a small, blue penguin that can be found in the habitat shown below:

Pengullet's habitat shown on the Palworld map

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Next up is Teafant, a little elephant that's usually patrolling sandy beaches on the shoreline. You can see its exact habitat below:

Teafant's habitat shown on the Palworld map

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Next up is Celaray, a manta ray Pal that can be seen flying around over water. You'll want to bring a bow and arrow along with you to hunt Celaray, as they can be quite far out at sea. Check out Celaray's habitat in the image below:

Celaray's habitat shown on the Palworld map

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Finally, we have Fuack, a blue duck that's often found wandering around forest areas. When defeated or caught, players will receive some Pal Fluids in their inventory as a reward. Here's where to find Fuack:

Fuack's habitat in Palworld

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You can also find Pal Fluids in Chests, but this is much more random. Merchants might sell you Pal Fluids as well, in exchange for Gold Coins.

A player stands on a sandy beach, looking out at a giant skeleton somewhere offshore

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What are Pal Fluids used for in Palworld?

Strange Juice shown in the crafting menu of the Medieval Potions Table

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You'll likely need Pal Fluids when building your first Hot Spring in Palworld, as it's tied to a Base Mission. In addition, Pal Fluids are used for certain harnesses, Cement, and certain potions like Strange Juice, the Lettuce Plantation, the Tomato Plantation, and the Water Fountain. Later on, you'll need Pal Fluids to craft the Witch Cauldron as well.

That's how to get Pal Fluids in Palworld. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guides on getting Ore and Sulfur. Elsewhere, there's more monster-catching fun to be had in our best Pokemon games list.

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