How to get Palworld Leather and what it's used for

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How to get started in Palworld

Three sheep-like creatures with guns in Palworld.

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When starting Palworld, you'll want to focus on collecting Wood and Stone. Once you've done so, a crafting table can be used to make Tools. As soon as you can, go and catch your first Pal. From that point, it's all about completing the missions at your Base, and leveling up until you can take on the first boss to earn Ancient Technology Points. Make sure your Pals have enough beds, and that they're leveling up, and you'll be facing down powerful enemies in no time.

Palworld Leather is a resource that can be used to craft clothing and Pal Gear. It's fairly easy to find at the start of the game too, given that it's dropped by plenty of low-level Pals.

Getting Leather in Palworld is as simple as taking down the right Pals, or capturing them. You can increase your supplies very quickly as a result - you just need to know where to look. Palworld's resources are varied but do make some sense in where they spawn, making it a great survival game that's approachable for newcomers. You'll use Leather in certain recipes, so getting used to where it's dropped in the open world will put you in good stead during your first few hours of surviving.

Here's where to get Leather in Palword, including a look at which Pals drop Leather. We'll be focusing on low-level Pals, that have high spawn rates in the starting areas. Here's where to look.

How to get Palworld Leather

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Many Pals drop Leather in Palworld. Below, you'll find five Pals to look out for in the early game, as well as a list of every Pal we've found so far that will drop Leather when caught or defeated.


The habitat of Foxparks shown on Palworld's map

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Foxparks is likely to be one of the first Pals you'll bump into in Palworld. It can be used for Kindling, and can even be picked up and used as a flamethrower once you've unlocked the right Pal Gear. We've shown its habitat in the image above.


Eikthyrdeer's habitat shown on the Palworld map

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Eikthyrdeer is another early-game Pal that'll drop Leather in Palworld. Be aware that, at least from our experience, Eikthyrdeer tends to spawn at around level 10 and above. Make sure to bring a strong Pal with you, as well as a bow which can really help when kicking off the fight. Eikthyrdeer's location can be seen above.


Mammorest habitat shown on the Palworld map

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Mammorest was the first high-level Pal we came across in Palworld, so beware when approaching. It will drop Leather when killed or caught so just make sure to bring some good weapons and some high-level Pals with you.


Nitewing Habitat shown on the Palworld map

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You'll want to bring a bow if you're planning on facing down a Nitewing. Bring a Pal that can fire projectiles too, like Foxparks. You can find Nitewing flying around grassy plains, in the same sort of areas as the Eikthyrdeer.


The habitat for Nitewing shown on the Palworld map

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The Melpaca spawns in the locations shown in the screenshot above. This Pal is pretty easy to defeat, just bring a decent Pal with you, and some Poison Arrows for good measure.

In addition to the five Pals detailed above, the following Pals will also drop Leather:

  • Chillet
  • Direhowl
  • Fuddler
  • Galeclaw
  • Incineram
  • Katrass
  • Mossandra
  • Reindrix
  • Tombat
  • Verdash

There are likely more Pals that drop Leather in Palworld, so as we find more, this page will be updated.

What is Leather used for in Palworld?

Leather shown in the Palworld inventory menu

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Leather is primarily used to craft Pal Gear in Palword. If you catch a Foxparks, for instance, you won't have access to their ability until you've crafted the correct Harness. Many other Pal abilities are unlocked in this way, all of them needing Leather in order to craft.

That's everything you need to know about finding Leather in Palworld. For more on the game, be sure to check out our Palworld Nails guide. elsewhere, there's our story on how the Palworld early access roadmap confirms plans for PvP and raid bosses.

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