How to unlock the Chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16

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In Final Fantasy 16, you'll need a Chocobo mount if you want to get around quickly. 

Between the nuanced voice acting, epic storyline, and slick action-oriented combat, Final Fantasy 16 is a fantastic title, offering all sorts of explorable environments and optional side content. It's one of the best RPGs in recent years, as well as one of the best PS5 games out there. However, if you want to get the most out of the game's beautiful environments, you'll need a way of getting around in style, especially in the endgame. After all, it does seem a bit cruel to make poor Clive walk the entire time. 

Fortunately for Clive's feet and for you, the Chocobo can be unlocked reasonably early on in the game through a short (but sweet) sidequest. It's a touching story moment, so I'll take care to avoid spoiler territory. However, unlocking a Chocobo drastically increases the speed at which you can get around, allowing you to more easily pursue Hunt Marks, take on side quests, and generally get from A to B. Read on to find out everything you need to know.   

How to unlock the Chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16

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The quest to unlock the Chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16 can be found in Martha's rest towards the south entrance. The quest will only appear after Clive has reached his thirties, however, so don't waste your time looking for it before the second time skip in the main story. 

The quest will appear in the location, marked by a green quest marker with a plus sign on it. Quests with plus signs unlock extra bonuses for Clive, so are always worth picking up if you see them in the wild. 

The quest is called The White-Winged Wonder and will have a local ask you to help out a flock of local Chocobo who are being terrorized by bandits.

How to complete the Final Fantasy 16 Chocobo mount quest

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The quest destination can be found directly to the South at near Crooked Nash's Pier. On arrival, you'll be tasked with fighting a group of bandits, bailing out the beleaguered Chocobo flock.  

This act of heroism will result in you getting a Chocobo of your very own. 

How to summon your Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16

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In the field, you can summon your Chocobo by holding down the Right Stick. Be advised, though, that your mount won't be available in towns or in other, more remote locations. That being said, Clive's Chocobo is a great tool for getting around and for really getting the most out of Final Fantasy 16's environments

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