Upgrade your streaming setup with the SteelSeries Alias microphone, now at a record low price

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The SteelSeries Alias is a seriously impressive bit of kit and it's now at a record low price of just $139.99 at Amazon (was $179.99).

I loved this microphone in my recent review, where I praised its incredibly attractive design and excellent sound quality out of the box. In addition to being the perfect tool to chat with friends, it’s fantastic for content creators thanks to a super intuitive LED display on the front of the mic.

This display allows you to monitor your current audio levels as you talk, ensuring that you don’t inadvertently become too loud. There’s also a convenient mute button which causes the LED display to show a big red cross giving you an easy way to check if sound is being transmitted or not for added peace of mind.

There’s even some RGB lighting and the compatibility with SteelSeries software makes it a real no-brainer if you already have any other peripherals by the manufacturer. In fact, my only major complaint with the SteelSeries Alias was its high RRP which meant that some alternatives like the Logitech Yeti GX ($149) could offer comparable sound quality for a slightly lower price.

This saving of $40 puts the SteelSeries Alias well ahead of the competition, however, as you’re really not going to find much else with a design quite so attractive in this price range.

Today's best SteelSeries Alias deals

SteelSeries Alias USB microphone: $179.99$139.99 at Amazon
Save $40 -

SteelSeries Alias USB microphone: was $179.99 now $139.99 at Amazon
Save $40 - Don't sleep on the superb SteelSeries Alias microphone at this lowest-ever price. An attractive, premium design and brilliant features like the LED display could make this a substantial upgrade for gamers or content creators.

Price check: Best Buy - $139.99

Don't worry if you're outside of the US because we've assembled some of the very SteelSeries Alias deals in your region below:

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