These are the three best Xbox Series X and PS5 4K monitor deals still available despite Prime Day being over

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Prime Day may be over, but that doesn't mean you have to give up hunting great deals. Luckily, even after the festivities have ended, there still seem to be a few fantastic discounts floating around. 

Amazon Prime Day 2023 was full of superb deals that ranged from Prime Day gaming monitor deals to Prime Day Warhammer deals. If you missed these, then don't worry; we've got you covered with the three best remaining 4K monitor deals for Xbox Series X|S and PS5

Many of these screens top our best gaming monitors list and for good reason. These 4K Monitors pack a punch with fantastic HDR, 240Hz refresh at 1440p, and gorgeously accurate colors.  

Best 4k gaming monitors for Xbox and PS5 

ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor:was $329now $289 at Walmart 
Save $40Price Check:

ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor: was $329 now $289 at Walmart
Save $40
- This is the lowest we've seen the ASUS TUF go since last July. This monitor is great value for money before the discounts hit, and with accurate color and solid build quality, this is a budget choice.

Price Check: Amazon - $327.99 

Techradar: 4 stars | Tom's Hardware: 4 stars

Dell 4K Gaming Monitor: was $799.99now $599.99 at Dell 
Save $200

Dell 4K Gaming Monitor: was $799.99 now $599.99 at Dell
Save $200
- This is an incredible deal for the 4K gaming monitor, as it's the lowest we've ever seen this price drop. The Dell G3223Q won't disappoint you with a color-rich HDR and smooth 4K. 

Price Check: Amazon - $709.99

UK Price: Dell - £659

TechRadar: 3.5 stars | Tom's Hardware: 4.5 stars


SAMSUNG 32" Odyssey Neo G7: was $1,299.99 now $849.99 at Amazon
Save $450
- This is the lowest we've seen this monitor go since last December. The Neo G7 is one of the best monitors you could ask for, with brilliant speed and resolution, all wrapped in a stylish package.

Price Check: Best Buy - $849.99

UK Price: Amazon - £899

TechRadar: 4.5 stars | Tom's Hardware: 5 stars

Best 4k gaming monitors for Xbox and PS5 in the UK

ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q:was £359now £298.80 at Amazon
Save £60.20

ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q: was £359 now £298.80 at Amazon
Save £60.20
- This is the lowest price we've seen for the ASUS TUF since the beginning of the year. Considering Prime Day is now over, this is a fantastic deal and one that may not last much longer. 

Price Check: Box - £319

Techradar: 4 stars | Tom's Hardware: 4 stars

Samsung UR59C:was £360.99now £349.98 at Amazon
Save £11.01-

Samsung UR59C: was £360.99 now £349.98 at Amazon
Save £11.01-
While this isn't our favorite 4K monitor, for the price, it is definitely a bargain, especially for a curved UHD display. It only has a 60Hz refresh rate (with HDMI 2.0 or higher), but it has a 2500:1 contrast ratio and billions of colors, so everything will look tight and crisp on this display, though it is best for home and office use rather than gaming. It's also at the lowest price we've seen since last September. 

Tom's Hardware: 4.5 stars 

As we've finally finished up on Amazon Prime Day, make sure to check out what's left with these great gaming headset deals that are still hanging on. 

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