Not only is the Dream Vapor Xbox Wireless Controller still on sale, it's just dropped to its lowest ever price at Amazon

Lowest-ever price on the Dream Vapor Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller.
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The Xbox Wireless Controller deals are still going strong this week, as Microsoft has dropped the price of its Dream Vapor special edition gamepad even further at Amazon. That's great news if you avoided picking it up during the now-concluded Amazon Spring Sale event.

Last week, we were impressed by the drop to $57.99 - a record-low for the recently released controller. Now, Microsoft has done it again, and we're currently seeing the Dream Vapor Xbox Wireless Controller on offer for a further-reduced $52.99 (was $69.99). This $17 saving is its new lowest-ever price. It's also received a slight £5 discount in the UK, taking it down to £59.99 (was £64.99).

Today's best Dream Vapor Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller deal

Dream Vapor Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller: $69.99$52.99 at Amazon
Save $17 -

Dream Vapor Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">was $69.99 now $52.99 at Amazon
Save $17 - It's another record-low price drop for the stunning Dream Vapor Xbox Wireless Controller. What's special about this gamepad is that the dynamic swirl pattern differs on each unit, meaning no two of them are exactly the same in terms of aesthetic. Otherwise, you're getting the familiar Xbox Wireless Controller quality.

UK price: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">Amazon - £59.99

As mentioned in the deal itself, the Dream Vapor special edition is your typical Xbox Wireless Controller in terms of performance. It's a gamepad we consider to be one of the best Xbox controllers around thanks to its sturdy build quality, high battery life and brilliant ergonomics. You can't really ask for a better pack-in controller than this, really.

What sets the Dream Vapor model apart is that unique swirl pattern, which differs on every single unit. No two will be the same, meaning you'll technically have a controller that's all yours.

Usually, the Dream Vapor Xbox Wireless Controller would be a good $10 pricier than the standard Carbon Black model. Right now, though, with its discount taken into account, it's just $3 more expensive than the standard model at its usual retail price.

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