Forget Black Friday, this gaming headset deal gets you a premium wireless set for a record low right now

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Waiting for the Black Friday gaming headset deals to start and then trawling through them can be a bit of a gamble - stock might not hold, deals come and go, and there's always so much to pick from.

However, this gaming headset deal right here might be just the ticket if you're looking to avoid the rush and bag yourself a premium set for a record-low price - and get one with a cool limited edition design.

The Astro A30 Wireless Mandalorian Edition is a brilliant, multiplatform, super-versatile PS5 headset and can now be bought for a record-low US price of just $149.99 at Amazon (was $249).

That's a saving of a cool $100 on what I think is one of the very best wireless gaming headsets of last year. I have this set at home; it was my go-to everyday headset for work and play for most of the past year or so, and is absolutely worth every penny. Even if you're not a huge fan of the design, this is still worth a look for the audio quality alone - plus, when you're wearing the headset, you won't see the design anyway, will you?

As early Black Friday gaming deals go, this is one of the best we've seen so far and is one I'd personally recommend jumping on if you're keen to bag yourself a do-it-all PS5 headset for a bargain. 

Of course, $150 is still a sizeable investment, but this is record low and takes the headset right down to a whole new category. Not only that, but this headset can provide a host of solutions in one hit, being a one-and-done headset for PlayStation, PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch. It'll also have you covered with dual-connectivity meaning you can remain hooked up to your phone while playing. 

You can see more information on this PS5 headset deal below, and some more prices on wireless sets, in case you want to shop around. 

Today's best PS5 headset deal

Astro A30 Wireless Mandalorian Edition: $249 $149.99 at AmazonSave $100

Astro A30 Wireless Mandalorian Edition: was $249 now $149.99 at Amazon
Save $100 - This is the lowest ever price for the wicked-cool Mandalorian Edition of the headset and takes a huge $100 off the retail price. If you've been wanting a premium do-it-all wireless gaming headset in this year's sales then this is a great way to avoid the rush.

Astro A30 Wireless in white: $229.99 $179.99 at Amazon
Save $50

Astro A30 Wireless in white: was $229.99 now $179.99 at Amazon
Save $50 - Want to avoid the Mandalorian design? Then you could pick up the plain, chic, white set for a discounted price too. Not quite a lowest ever price but well worth a look if you've been after a premium set for less this autumn. 

APrice check: Best Buy - $179.99

If you're keen to keep your options open given it's only early November then here's a bunch of the latest and best prices on some other wireless gaming headsets as dug up by our price-finding tech.

Remember there's a whole wave of incoming deals about to arrive with us: get ready for the Black Friday PS5 deals, Black Friday gaming chair deals, and Black Friday video game deals that are on their way.

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