Xbox Game Pass added $5000 worth of games to its library in 2023

Xbox Game Pass
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft added 150 games to Xbox Game Pass in 2023, the total of which was valued at over $5,000.

If you're unfamiliar with Xbox Games Pass, the subscription-based service features a collection of games that are added to the service every month for members to enjoy. These titles span across every genre, some that launched years ago, while others are brand-new and added upon day one of launch, such as Bethesda's Starfield

The service is subscription-based and offers great value for users, allowing them to play games for free instead of paying for the title at full price. 

With the start of the new year, some number crunching from The Loadout has revealed just how much money Microsoft added to Xbox Game Pass in 2023, considering the price of each game and item added to the service.

According to the numbers, Microsoft added 150 games with a total value of $5,139.54 (£4,065.63 / AU$7,574.75) across Xbox Series X|S, PC, and the Cloud

The Loadout also worked out that if you subtract the total membership cost for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - the highest membership you can buy at the cost of $16.99 monthly (£12.99 / AU$18.95) or $203.88 a year (£155.88 / AU$303.28) - the total value added in 2023 would equate to $4,935.66 (£3903.71 / AU$7342.11) worth of games.

The numbers show that October 2023 was the biggest month for Game Pass in terms of value, adding $604.86 (£478.49 / AU$900.15) worth of games such as Like A Dragon Ishin and F1 Manager 2023. September, however, was an average month, adding $331.91 (£262.59 / AU$493.95), despite games like Starfield and Lies of P launching on the service on day one.

A new month means new Xbox Game Pass titles, and Microsoft has officially unveiled which ones will be the first to join the subscription service in 2024, as well as confirmed which games will be leaving this month.

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