Ubisoft pushes back Skull and Bones yet again, along with a “large” mystery game

Skull and Bones
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Skull and Bones - Ubisoft’s upcoming pirate action-adventure - is now facing another delay, according to the company’s latest earnings report. What’s more, another “large” Ubisoft game is being pushed back, too, but it’s not currently clear which one it is. 

As Eurogamer reports, Skull and Bones has faced multiple delays since its announcement in 2017. In the last year, it's missed three separate release windows - first, November 8, 2022, then March 9, 2023, and now, the more vague “early" point in fiscal year 2023-24 (which began in April 2023). 

In Ubisoft’s new earnings report, which was released yesterday (October 26), it was stated that Skull and Bones is now due to launch Q4 2023-24, which amounts to a window of January to March 2024 - potentially almost a year on from when it was last expected to release. 

The report also makes reference to a “large game it had initially planned to launch during the last quarter of the current fiscal year” (by March 31, 2024). It stated: “The company has decided to launch this other large game in FY 2024-25, so as to maximize its value creation.”

This means that whatever the game is, it’s now facing a new release window somewhere between April 2024 and the end of March 2025. However, it didn’t clarify when in the financial year it’s been pushed to, so it’s not currently known how large the delay will be. 

While the report didn’t reveal what the game is, it did specify that Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Just Dance 2024, XDefiant and The Division Resurgence are still scheduled to be released within the remainder of the current financial year.

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