Sony's new Brazilian production line will provide physical PS5 discs for Latin American players

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Sony has established a brand new production line for PlayStation 5 discs in Brazil, which should help make it easier for players in Latin America to obtain physical media for the console.

Reported by VGC, the new production line has been set up at Sony's Manaus facilities. Built in tandem with electronics firm Solutions 2 Go, the factory has manufactured physical PlayStation media for previous generation consoles. But now marks the first time - more than three years into its lifecycle - that it's producing physical media for PS5.

The production line will produce physical games that are up to 100GB in size, so that'll encompass most of the best PS5 games including Gran Turismo 7, Demon's Souls, and Final Fantasy 16. Overall, this should allow Latin American players who prefer or desire physical media to be able to more easily obtain them without potentially paying a premium on imports.

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PlayStation Latin America's senior director, Miguel Cunha, made a statement on the creation of this new production line, saying: "We are excited to share the news that, from now on, PlayStation 5 physical discs of our exclusive and third-party games will be produced in Brazil.

"To ensure maximum efficiency in the production process, a team of experts from Sony Interactive Japan spent weeks in Brazil working on installation, programming, and training local staff. The initiative reinforces the commitment to Brazil and the Brazilian community."

While subscription services like PS Plus and the PS5 Slim's optional disc drive signify a shift towards digital content prioritization, it is reassuring to see that Sony at least somewhat remains keen on producing physical media. Especially in this case, as it's an area in which physical PS5 discs may not have been as easy to come by as in the US, UK, or Australia.

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