How and when to watch the Future Games Show Summer Showcase this June

Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2024
(Image credit: Future Games Show)

Great news for folks hungry for more game announcements: the annual Future Games Show Summer Showcase is set to return once again this year.

2024's Future Games Show Summer Showcase is set to feature over 40 upcoming games across all current-generation consoles as well as PC, and is being billed as the brand's most ambitious showing to date. It follows the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, which happened back in March.

The Future Games Show Summer Showcase is currently set to air on June 8, though an exact time is yet to be announced. That means it'll go live one day before this year's PC Gaming Show which is happening on June 9.

Daniel Dawkins, Future Games Show's content director for games, video and digital events had the following to say in a press release: "The Future Games Show Summer Showcase is a highlight of the digital showcase season, and a fantastic way to see new games. Our recent Spring Showcase reached 8.5 million live viewers, with amazing feedback from our rapidly growing network of over 200 notable co-streamers from across the globe.

"Every show’s multi-format games line-up is painstakingly hand-curated, with a growing reputation for celebrating innovation, and titles that defy genres. A city builder for worshippers of Cthulhu? We’ve got your back. From fresh updates on AAA blockbusters, to debuts of daring indies, we showcase them all on the Future Games Show."

You'll be able to tune into the Future Games Show Summer Showcase across a variety of its social channels including YouTube, Twitch, X / Twitter, Facebook and Tiktok. You can also head over to our sister site, GamesRadar, where the showcase will be broadcast live.

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