Fortnite is giving 1200 skins the Lego glow-up ahead of the new survival mode

Fortnite Lego skins
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Epic Games is about to add 1200 Lego versions of some iconic skins into Fortnite ahead of an exciting new collaboration with the brick-building franchise. 

The news of this new collaboration for Fortnite was announced via a Twitter post and will begin on December 7. Lego Fortnite also pointed players toward their lockers and the item shop to find out which skins have this additional Lego style. If you want to browse all the styles in full, you can check them out on the official Lego website.

You can unlock a special Explorer Emilie Fornite Lego skin in just three steps. First, sign up to Lego Insiders, link your Epic Games and Lego accounts, head to the Epic Games website, and click on the Lego logo. Finally, load up Fortnite to find the new Lego skin in your locker.

Unfortunately, this style won't be available for every skin in Fortnite due to licensing issues with the hundreds of officially licensed characters. Lego has also historically stayed away from working with adult properties, so it's highly unlikely that we'll see Lego-style skins for more mature characters like the Xenomorph from Alien or Robocop.

Luckily, several licensed brands in Fortnite already have Lego figures or games, such as the Marvel characters and Batman, so here's hoping that we'll see some more bricky skins for these characters in the future. 

Fortnite is no stranger to terrific collaborations that feed tons of fan-favorite skins into the third-person battle royale. We saw characters from the smash-hit comic and animated TV show Invincible added only a few weeks ago, as well as the recent addition of Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

The new Lego collab doesn't just bring skins into the battle royale but also adds a new game mode. While details are still sparse, we know this new Lego-themed mode will be a survival and crafting game. The Lego website even describes it as a separate game, which the Fortnite Launcher will cover: "Drop into a world of unlimited imagination – and llamas – with the Lego Fortnite game: the ultimate survival crafting adventure!" 

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