Fortnite is getting new skins for Invincible, Omni-Man, and Atom Eve, according to datamine information

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Fortnite could be getting three new skins from the smash-hit animated series Invincible, according to datamined information.

A dataminer by the name of Shiina shared images of Fortnite's possible upcoming collaboration with Invincible on Twitter. These images showed an in-game look at Invincible, Omni-Man, and Atom Eve. 

Epic Games has yet to confirm this possible upcoming collaboration, however, it would be yet another high-profile IP collaboration. In the past, the third-person shooter partnered with the anime Attack on Titan, the action-film character John Wick, Chief Hopper, and the Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

The dataminer also shows off some accessories associated with these skins. In a YouTube video, Shiina displayed several items, such as Atom Eve's Subatomic Sword, a Burger Mart bag, the severed head of the Immortal, and, of course, all of their capes.

While it's yet to be confirmed whether or not these superheroes will be coming to Fortnite, they do look cool in the cel-shaded forms, like other characters that have come before. However, considering that Fortnite has a fair amount of younger players, this may probably be one of the only collaborations that many of them haven't been able to watch. 

Invincible, while looking like your average cartoon, is anything but child-friendly. This animated series includes several bloody and gut-wrenching fights. Especially the one between two major characters towards the end of the first series, which shocked even veteran viewers, as it was full of bloody punches, mangled faces, and many, many civilian deaths. 

However, it's very unlikely that Epic Games would show the Invincible character's bloodiest angles and instead will hopefully just settle for their looks, making this collaboration as family-friendly as it needs to be. Although, playing against Omni-Man is sure to be chillingly scary.

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