DualSense V2 controller listing spotted with better battery life and charging station included

DualSense controller leaning against a PS5
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A listing for an upgraded DualSense wireless controller for the PlayStation 5 has been spotted over at Best Buy Canada.

Listed as the 'DualSense V2', Best Buy has it at a retail price of CA$89.99 - which works out to roughly $69.99 / £59.99. That's the same price as the standard DualSense model that we've been using since the PS5's launch in 2020. 

It's worth noting, though, that prices may vary and this may just be a placeholder as it currently isn't available for purchase, nor do we have a concrete release date for as of yet.

The most notable change with the DualSense V2 is the apparent battery life. According to the Best Buy Canada listing, the updated pad boasts a "12-hour battery life" on a full charge. Better yet, the listing also mentions the controller comes with a DualSense charging station included. It's unclear if this will be as standard or simply a promotion from Best Buy Canada but receiving one of the best PS5 accessories at no extra cost is certainly a nice bonus.

There doesn't appear to be any other improvements when it comes to the DualSense V2. The dimensions and weight listed on Best Buy Canada are identical to the original model, and there's no mention of improvements to standout features like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers or the controller's built-in microphone.

For all intents and purposes, this does just seem to be the same DualSense controller, albeit with much better battery life. As a result, we're inclined to expect the original model to be phased out in favor of the V2. Especially as the retail price appears to be the same. In any case, TRG will keep you updated as official details for the DualSense V2 are confirmed by Sony.

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