3 ways HP’s Instant Ink plan can improve your life

An instant ink pack sits by an HP printer, a coffee and some spectacles
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Over 11 million Instant Ink customers are already making the most of having new ink or toner cartridges delivered automatically to their door.

That’s more people than bought the last Kanye album. But why?

To save money

Let’s face it, the cost of printer ink and toner can add up. Choosing an Instant Ink plan can save hundreds of dollars a year.

The beauty of this system is that you’re charged per sheet of paper, as opposed to the amount of ink used. The other bonus is that color ink costs the same as black ink, so printing out sumptuous color photos is no longer a luxury.

It’s simple, too. Just work out roughly how many sheets you print per month and choose an ink or toner plan that works for you. There’s a price to suit every pocket, with a choice of five plans starting from $0.99 a month.

And if your printing needs vary that’s no problem either – add to your plan with ease or rollover unused pages for up to three months.

No contract, no worries. 

A man opens a packet of HP Instant Ink in his office

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Peace of mind 

So, that sinking feeling when you’re racing to hit a deadline or printing out travel tickets at the last minute and the dreaded ink tank light starts blinking? No longer a thing. Running out of ink in the middle of a printing project is now where it belongs: in the past.

For a while now, all HP printers have come with built-in cartridge monitoring to automatically keep tabs on how much ink or toner is left in your cartridge. Add Instant Ink and your machine won’t just warn you when you’re running low, it will go ahead and order more when needed. All that’s required is a Wi-Fi connection for a new HP cartridge to land on your doormat right before you run out.

And you can even track usage on your cell phone via the HP Smart app.

A woman collects an HP Instant Ink package from her front door

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Environmental issues eased 

Everyone wants to do their best for the environment, but hectic lifestyles mean that it’s not always possible. Difficulty locating the right stores to drop off used cartridges or finding suitable recycling schemes mean that printer cartridges often just end up in the trash.

All HP ink or toner cartridges delivered via Instant Ink come with a prepaid postal bag, so empty cartridges can be recycled safely and with ease.

Unlike some other household paper, printer paper is recyclable even after use, and 100% of HP’s North American paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, meaning it’s sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Find out more about HP’s sustainability goals here.

Sign up to an Instant Ink subscription to know you’re doing right by future generations and helping yourself to less hassle and lower costs.

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