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You can get the HP Envy x360 for just $899 at Best Buy ahead of Black Friday

HP Envy x360
(Image credit: HP)

The HP Envy x360 isn't quite the company's flagship – that honor goes to the HP Spectre x360 – but that doesn't mean this premium laptop isn't worth your time. In fact, if the right Black Friday deal came along, the HP Envy x360 could well become the best 2-in-1 laptop you could get.

Luckily, that time has come, and we just spotted an early Best Buy Black Friday deal on the latest HP Envy x360. You can get it with a 10th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 12GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD for just $899 at Best Buy, making for an excellent early Black Friday laptop deal. 

HP Envy x360 | $1049 $899 at Best Buy
If you're on the lookout for a premium laptop, but don't want to drop flagship prices, the HP Envy x360 should be at the top of your list. Packed with the latest hardware and a svelte chassis, this $150 off Best Buy Black Friday deal isn't one to scoff at. View Deal

Even if its not sitting at the top of the HP laptop pile, the HP Envy x360 is a 2-in-1 laptop that can sit among even the best Ultrabooks and draw a, dare we say it, envious gaze from the folks around you. And, packed with the latest Ice Lake processors, which are strapped with Intel's Gen11 graphics, it has the power to back that aesthetic up. 

Picking this laptop up for $899 is an amazing deal, and if you're on the market for a great Windows 10 laptop, there's no reason not to go for it. Plus, since you can flip it around into a tablet, you're basically getting two devices for the price of one.