This might be the best PlayStation Now deal we’ve ever seen

PlayStation Now
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Want hundreds of PlayStation titles at your fingertips? PlayStation Now, Sony’s streaming and download platform for PS5, PS4 and PC is the answer – and it’s at a cracking price for the next few days, long before even the Black Friday deals kick into gear.

PlayStation’s answer to Xbox Game Pass, you can get a whole year’s worth of access to the subscription service at 50% off its current price until October 31st. That’s £24.99, compared to the standard £49.99 price tag.

While most people will be able to get this deal, sold directly from Sony, please note that there is one restriction – it’s for new or lapsed subscribers, only. So if you’re already signed up to PlayStation Now with an ongoing subscription, we’re afraid you can’t take advantage of the offer.

Today’s best PlayStation Now deal

50% off 12 months of PlayStation Now: £24.99 £49.99

50% off 12 months of PlayStation Now: £24.99 £49.99
Stream over 700 PS4, PS3 and PS2 titles from a wide range of genres to your PS5, PS4 or Windows PC. Play as much as you like, save your progress, and continue playing on either device. Or pick from over 300 PS4 games to download to your console. Note that this deal expires on October 31st.

Though it got off to a shaky start, the PlayStation Now service is in the best shape it's ever been in. 

There’s a wide variety of games over three generations of PlayStation consoles (four, if you count some of the more modern ports of PS One games that are included). While it’s still not offering PS5 games, there are a selection of PS4 games available, like The Last of Us Part II and God of War, that take advantage of the newer consoles' power to deliver a full 4K / 60fps experience. 

And perhaps most importantly, in recent months the service has been upgraded to offer full 1080p streams for those with a decent broadband connection, as well as a growing number of downloadable titles (around 300) that can be saved to your machine and played like standard download titles. At this price, it’s well worth a go.

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