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RTX 3090 Ti pre-orders - where to buy Nvidia's new high-end flagship GPU

Here's where to get your RTX 3090 Ti pre-order

Someone holding the Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti Founder's Edition
(Image: © Nvidia)

If you're on the hunt for a seriously powerful GPU then we've got good news - RTX 3090 Ti pre-orders are still available in both the US and UK. Stock is a little tight in some regions but we've been busily updating this page with any decent listings as soon as we spot them. 

If you're joining us now - no worries, we're still going to be keeping this page going for a few days as retailers are continuing to list stock - even when they've previously sold out. Founders Edition cards at Nvidia US have long gone, as expected, but we're still seeing Newegg and Zotac offer a few listings intermittently. If you're in the UK, then it's looking a lot rosier, with a ton of top retailers still offering RTX 3090 Ti pre-orders currently. 

Price wise, rumours of an $1,999 / £1,999 MSRP proved to be true. The RTX 3090 Ti is easily the most expensive Nvidia card right now - although, let's face it, we weren't expecting any different. As always, if you're looking for the best graphics card on the market, then it'll come at a price. On the plus side, launch events like this are generally the best option if you're looking to get a card at MSRP. As we all know, graphics card prices outside of launches are still absurdly high.

If you're interested, we've also posted our full RTX 3090 Ti review. Head on over to that page if you want to see extensive testing, benchmarks, and also our thoughts on whether you should upgrade to this absolute beast of card. 

RTX 3090 Ti launch: key info

  • Launch date: March 29
  • Launch time: 9am ET / 2pm GMT
  • Price: $1,999  / £1,879 (reference cards)

RTX 3090 Ti pre-orders (US)

RTX 3090 Ti pre-orders (UK)


Hello! Welcome to our RTX 3090 Ti pre-orders and stock page

Here we go folks, let's try and score ourselves some high-end silicon. It's sure to be competitive out there so first of all - set your expectations fairly low here. If the recent RTX 3050 launch is anything to go by, we could be seeing GPUs selling out in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. 

With all that said, we're going to be on hand throughout the day with tons of live updates - including stock, the best retailers to check, and also any interesting takes on this eye-wateringly powerful card. As stated, we think RTX 3090 Ti stock and pre-orders will be going live at 9am ET / 2pm GMT - which is the same time that postings on the lower-end RTX 3050 went live.

As for our first update, we'll be posting a juicy rumor that, if taken on face value, confirms this GPUs specs. Stay tuned...

Rumors suggest a $1,999 release price....

According to the GPU enthusiast site Videocardz, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 TI pre-orders are set to go live at a $1,999 release price.

If true (note, it's a big IF), then this launch price would put the RTX 3090 Ti at $500 more expensive than the standard RTX 3090. Interestingly, Videocardz also states that 

"Big US retailers already have thousands of the cards in stock and more coming, which given how niche such a model SKU is, it shouldn’t sell out quickly"

We're unable to back this claim up, but our fingers are crossed we don't see another repeat of the RTX 3050 launch, where cards sold out in minutes in some cases.

Just how fast is the RTX 3090 TI?

Leaked images of the Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti graphics card

(Image credit:

Initial rumors (again, via Videocardz) have suggested that the RTX 3090 Ti should be 7% to 10% faster than a stock RTX 3090 when it comes to performance at 4K. 

Powering these gains is an additional 256 CUDA cores (versus the RTX 3090) and a faster clock speed of 21.2 Gbps at 1,325 MHz. If true, that bandwith is beefy and means its the first card to exceed 1TB/s for Nvidia. 

It's also looking like it'll be the first Nvidia card to feature a 16-pin PCIe Gen5 power connector - which is good really, since it's rumored to have a TDP of 450 watts. Here are the expected specs - according to Videocardz.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
RTX 3090 Ti vs RTX 3090 specs
Header Cell - Column 0 RTX 3090 TIRTX 3090RTX 3080 Ti
GPU Clusters848280
CUDA cores107521049610240
RT cores848280
Base Clock1560 MHz1395 MHz1365 MHz
Boost Clock1860 MHz1695 MHz1665 MHz
Memory24 GB G6X24 GB G6X12 GB G6X
Memory Clock21 Gbps19.5 Gbps19 Gbps
Bandwidth1008 GB/s936 GB/s912 GB/s

The RTX 3090 TI will be a chonker

Oh lawd it's coming. We reported yesterday that RTX 3090 TI Founders Edition cards are likely to be just as big as the prior RTX 3090 versions. That means this one will probably be another three-slot GPU - an absolute giant in GPU terms.

If you're looking to bag an RTX 3090 Ti pre-order at launch, you'll want to make sure you've got more than enough case real estate to accommodate it. A power draw of 450 watts means you'll probably want a power supply rated 1000W or higher in your rig, too.

Leaks (see pictures above) have shown off a rather generic Founders Edition card that's basically in line with what you'd expect from an Nvidia card. It's a single-blower design with a rather subdued black and pewter aesthetic. No garish RGB on this one, although we'll be seeing a ton of third-party non-reference cards at launch too from all the usual suspects like EVGA and Zotac. We'll likely see three-fan designs on these with more than enough RGB to satiate even the most hard-core Razer fanboys.

Curiously, the leaks suggest a new 16-pin connector - which is likely a requirement thanks to the colossal power-draw for this card. We're expecting an adaptor to be supplied in-box for this one.

Will availability actually be good at launch?

One of the most tantalising tidbits of information we've found so far has been via the site Videocardz, which has claimed that availability on for RTX 3090 Ti pre-orders might be better than some recent launches. Citing unknown sources, Videocardz has claimed:

"From what we have been told, some big US retailers already have thousands of the cards in stock and more coming, which given how niche such a model SKU is, it shouldn’t sell out quickly."

That's pretty big if true, even if it is hard to put any real weight behind that claim right now. For comparison's sake, we've seen all big Nvidia launches sell out fairly quickly over the past year - as you'd expect given the demand. Launches have generally been more or less the only time you can get a card for anywhere near MSRP so there's a real scramble to buy usually.

For our money, this claim isn't entirely implausible, however. Firstly, as Videocardz has stated, the eye-watering price of the RTX 3090 Ti obviously means its going to exclude a large demographic of gamers. Secondly, we've reported previously on rumours that RTX 3090 Ti production has been less effected by component shortages than some other Nvidia GPUs. Again, rumors - but let's not rule out the possibility here.

RTX 3090 Ti at overclockers

(Image credit: Overclockers)

First RTX 3090 Ti pre-orders appear in the UK

We've just spotted two RTX 3090 Ti listings at

Retailing for £1,999 and £2,189 respectively, you've got the choice between two Asus cards in what looks like the very first live listings. Note, one of the cards has a preinstalled all-in-one liquid cooler, which would be a decent choice if you're not confident in disassembly. 

Correction: It looks like Overclockers might have jumped the gun here slightly as they've pulled these listings. It's likely they'll be back shortly, however.

RTX 3090 Ti at Nvidia

(Image credit: Nvidia)

RTX 3090 Ti FE already sold out at Nvidia US

Expectedly, the RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition has already sold out over at the official Nvidia store. These MSRP cards are always the first to go, it looks like these ones actually sold out in well under a minute. Don't sweat it too much if you missed this batch - there will be a ton of non-reference cards launching at third party retailers shortly. Simply check our links at the top of the page and keep refreshing the relevant pages.

US RTX 3090 Ti stock now available at Newegg

The first big third-party retailer to go live with cards is over at Newegg - where you can find a quickly expanding list of cards starting at $2,149.

Yep, looks like we haven't escape the curse of third-party price inflation here. It's not wildly more expensive than the $1,999 price for reference Founders Edition cards but it still stings. Also, all these cards have a $9.99 delivery fee - couldn't you afford to throw that in for free Newegg? 

UK RTX 3090 Ti stock roundup

Stock can now be found at the following UK retailers, with more to follow soon:

Unsurprisingly, prices are ranging from around £1,879 to £2,199, so we're right in the ballpark of the expected prices in regards to the rumors. So far, the cheapest listing we've found is at

RTX 3090 Ti listings now live at EVGA

A number of cards are now listed over at the EVGA site - the catch, however, is that they're exclusively available via the EVGA queue system.

If you're not familiar with how EVGA usually do things - the queue system is essentially a mail-order list that the company uses to avoid the whole scalper issue. If you're interested, you can sign yourself up here. It's completely free and a fair way to get yourself a GPU for MSRP - especially if you don't manage to score one at another retailer today. You'll of course have to wait for your card but you will get one... eventually, we promise.

RTX 3090 Ti at Best Buy

(Image credit: Best Buy)

RTX 3090 TI Founders Edition coming soon at Best Buy

Best Buy has just listed a much coveted RTX 3090 Ti reference card for $1,999. It's not live yet so we'd recommend keeping an eye on this one. Make sure you refresh your page as it's likely it'll be going live real soon and it's sure to be popular. Note, this one's listed as a high-demand item, which means you'll need a Best Buy account to place and order. 

Our Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti review is now live, with our resident components queen Jackie Thomas putting the high-end GPU through its paces.

While the RTX 3090 Ti is undoubtedly an impressive GPU, Jackie wasn't entirely convinced by it, awarding it just three and a half stars, and pointing out that although it offers excellent gaming performance, its extremely expensive, as well as bulky. With the RTX 3090 performing almost as well, while being cheaper, the RTX 3090 Ti seems hard to justify.

But, it seems the GPU is still selling out fast, so this may not matter for many people.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti

(Image credit: Future)

RTX 3090 Ti at Zotac

(Image credit: Zotac)

US RTX 3090 Ti stock roundup

Here's a quick roundup of the state of play in the US right now. We've seen a couple of retailers go live with their listings so far - and even some sell out in the case of Nvidia's own Founders Edition cards. 

Unfortunately, it's looking like most of the MSRP cards have been snapped up, which was to be expected. The next cheapest we've found is this listing at Zotac for $2,099.99 - a card that's admittedly only $99 more than the MSRP. We're on the hunt right now for alternate retailers so keep checking in...

RTX 3090 Ti at

(Image credit: Scan)

UK RTX 3090 TI Founders Edition in stock at

Top UK computing retailer Scan has Founders Edition cards in stock for £1,879 right now - the cheapest price we've seen so far in the UK. There's something slightly dirty about calling this listing cheap, but comparatively speaking it's not bad. 

GPU sag got you down? EVGA says put a leash on it

EVGA eleash RTX 3090 Ti freebie

(Image credit: EVGA)

You know the size of a graphics card is getting out of hand when third-party vendors are coming up with ways to combat the dreaded GPU sag. EVGA are doing just that with a handy feature its calling the eLeash.

Included free with some models, the eLeash is essentially a suspension cord for your GPU that hangs from the top of the case and hooks into your GPU near the power connector. Is it new? Not exactly - PC builders have been jerry rigging their cards in this manner for a while but it's a pretty nice feature you have to admit. At the very least, it shows EVGA are willing to include handy quality of life improvements to its cards.

Don't have an EVGA RTX 3090 Ti? Don't sweat it too much, you can get yourself a pretty cheap bracket off of Amazon for about $10. You could also, *cough cough*. get a little creative with your stand.

US RTX 3090 Ti now mostly sold out in the US

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news... RTX 3090 Ti stock is now starting to look a little thin in the US as of writing. We're still on the hunt but it's likely the best option for grabbing a card is to head on over to the EVGA queue and get yourself signed up.

EVGA is currently offering cards for ELITE members only - which is essentially a 'preferred customer' system. If you're not 'elite' enough for EVGA don't worry though, everyone else (the plebs) will get invites to buy cards after 24 hours if they're lucky. Note, however, it's likely you'll be waiting for some time if you go via this queuing system.

Meanwhile, there's plenty of RTX 3090 Ti stock for those in the UK...

Tales from the TechRadar test bench

In case you didn't catch them while reading our in-depth review, here are our test bench scores from when we put this card through its paces:

Were we impressed? Well, kinda. This is a $2,000 card after all - for that price it better be damn good. As expected, the RTX 3090 Ti cruised through our all our tests on 3DMark, in game, and Adobe Premier to comfortably come out in the lead versus the competition.

Of particular note was the consistent 60+ FPS we were able to get at 4K with all our tested titles - in this case, CyberPunk 2077, Far Cry 6, Forza, Metro Exodus, and Total War: Three Kingdoms. Also of particular note was the utterly absurd maximum power draw of 477W - oof.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti

(Image credit: Future)

Launch day recap...

Morning! This is Alex signing on for another day of RTX 3090 Ti pre-orders goodness. If you're joining us now, no worries - there are actually a few cards left in stock (as of writing). Here's a quick recap the story so far:

  • Rumors of an $1,999 / £1,879 MSRP turned out to be true
  • Demand high in the US, less so in the UK
  • Founders Edition cards in the US sold out in minutes
  • A few cards still available at Zotac and Newegg in the US
  • Cards widely available at Scan, Ebuyer, Novatech in the UK

So far, it's looking like the prohibitively expensive MSRP of this card has kept demand at bay, unsurprisingly. In contrast to the low-end RTX 3050's launch, it's been a much more civilized affair to say the least. That said, demand has still be pretty high in the US with most retailers selling out stock within the hour - with a few exceptions. 

If you're visiting from the UK - then the picture is looking really rosy right now. Not only do you have a ton of retailers and card variants to choose from, but there are even a few Founders Edition cards left at Scan. It almost feels like we're back to normal in the graphics card market...

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti

(Image credit: Future)

What the RTX 3090 Ti launch tells us about the future of GPUs

Things are holding steady today with RTX 3090 Ti pre-orders are still available in both the US and UK - albeit in fairly limited numbers in the case of the former. With stock available, lets turn our thoughts to what this launch means for the GPU market as a whole.

First off, demand on this high-end card has been way, way below that of the RTX 3050 - which launched back in January this year. You may say 'duh, it's like ten times cheaper' but lets remember just how jacked-up the market has been up until this point. High-end cards still sell, albeit in comparatively lower numbers.

We're a day on now and there are still RTX 3090 Ti's knocking about - especially in the UK. While this is most easily explained by prohibitive pricing, it could also be that we're starting to see demand settle down now. Crypto mining demand is definitely dropping off now, that's for sure.

It's also likely that a lot of people are holding their fire for the RTX 4000 series, which are possibly not too far off now. Even though we know literally nothing about these cards (codenamed 'Lovelace), they're most likely going to rock up around the end of this year. They're also likely to be just as, if not more, power hungry as the RTX 3090 TI. It's hard to imagine a card more power hungry (or bigger, for that matter) than the absolute chonker that is the RTX 3090 Ti, but that could be where we're headed - for premium cards, at least.