Grab the next-gen Xbox Series S for a steal in this Black Friday bargain

Xbox Series S Deal
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As one of our picks for the top Christmas gift ideas, we’re big fans of the Xbox Series S console as a high value way to enter the world of next-gen console gaming. 

Thanks to Black Friday and The Market, that value just got even better, with the Xbox Series S landing a serious discount. With an RRP as high as NZ$549, it now plummets to less than NZ$390 by using code BF10 at checkout with The Market as an early highlight for the year’s biggest sales event.

Xbox Series SNZ$549.99NZ$386.10 on TheMarket

Xbox Series S | NZ$549.99 NZ$386.10 on TheMarket (save NZ$163.89)

This is the lowest price we can remember seeing on the Xbox Series S, so it’s an absolutely ripper deal. The Series S is a digital-only device, but it can still comfortably play next-gen games with high frame rates, ray tracing and super-fast load times and pairing it with Xbox Game Pass makes it a no-brainer. You just need to pop in the code BF10 to land this incredible deal.

Though lacking some of the performance specs of the top-range Xbox Series X and being a digital-only piece of hardware, the value and versatility of the Xbox Series S allows it to stand out from a value perspective. By pairing this one with a monthly Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, itself now available for only NZ$1 for the first month, you gain access to an entire library of games for your console for only the cost of about as much as your Netflix subscription costs you.

That’s not all, though, as you’ll also gain access to all Xbox Exclusives from day one of their releases. This includes the title looming as one of 2023’s Games of the Year in Starfield, the first new IP from hugely popular games studio Bethesda in a quarter of a century.

Pair the Xbox Series S with your 4K TVs and there’s a high chance you won’t notice any of the performance differences between it and the Xbox Series X, and you’ll be having too much fun exploring the worlds of the best Xbox titles to care anyways.

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