Your friends can dunk on your dating choices a lot easier with this new Tinder feature

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Tinder’s new Matchmaker feature is perfect for users who enjoy involving their friends (or other dating approval committees) in their love life choices. Now, Tinder users can invite friends and family to view and even recommend potential matches regardless of whether or not they have a Tinder profile. 

As someone who loves being involved in my friends’ Tinder drama and discussing potential matches over screenshots and calls, the Matchmaker feature is not only a massive time saver but also a great way to steer my friends away from... questionable choices. 

According to the Verge, the feature is currently available in 15 countries including the US, UK, Australia, France, and more, and we should expect a global rollout in the coming months. 


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Playing Tinder is much more fun

You can start a Matchmaker session from a potential match’s profile or by going to the app settings and creating a shareable link.

Your friends then have 24 hours to recommend profiles before the session expires, but don’t fret; your trusted matchmakers can’t send your potential new beau messages on your behalf. Once their time is up, you can review which matches your crew suggested and these profiles will then be marked as ‘recommended’ in the app.

For some, Tinder has always been a team sport when I was in university, I had a routine with an old housemate called ‘playing Tinder’, where we swiped through different profiles and trolled each other or — rarely — would point out a potential soul mate. And, according to Tinder's official blog post, the company states that over 75% of surveyed singles said they discuss their dating life with friends multiple times a month — a time-honored tradition!

However, it’s going make the whole process feel a lot more daunting knowing that your potential babes could be showing you off to their mums, but hopefully, it will whip the whole Tinder nation into shape!

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