Apple read my mind and has launched a website dedicated to helping you choose a Mac

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I’ve been on the hunt for a new Mac for the last couple of months, and as you'll know if you’re in the same boat, there’s so much to consider. Generally speaking, Apple’s Macs are top-notch devices, but it can be hard to commit to a particular model when you have so many different requirements pulling you in different directions. Helpfully, Apple has launched a new website to make the process of choosing a Mac a lot easier.

Apple's 'Help me choose' web page has the same overall vibe as the rest of the Apple website, and provides a list of questions for you to answer, after which you'll be given suggestions as to which might be the best Macs for you. I decided to give it a go, as I'm looking for a portable laptop to take to and from work and college that’s capable of handling hours of lesson planning, assignments, and the odd movie or two.

So, when the first question asked about what I’ll be using my Mac for, I selected ‘Essentials, Work and Education.’ That led me to the next section of the questionnaire which asked for further detail about the kind of work I’ll be doing, both professionally and educationally. Some of the options included planning, design, photography, coding, and 3D design. These are surprisingly detailed answers that will hopefully help narrow down your device choice.

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Next up you'll be asked about how you'll be using your Mac, and whether the device will be used out and about, or around the house, or at a fixed space like a desk. Finally, I was asked about my budget, which was a pleasant surprise. The biggest reason I've been so reluctant to pick a Mac is the price – Macs aren’t known for being the most affordable devices, and my worry is that I might choose a machine that’s wrong for me, and pay a steep price for what might not be the best option for my needs.

I set my budget at up to $1,000, and the website gave me an option which fit that outlay, alongside a recommendation for a more flexible budget. In the end, the options presented to me for an affordable laptop for university and work were the MacBook Air M2 – complete with product highlights based on my answers – and a slightly more expensive MacBook Air M2 with a beefier memory configuration.

This was a pleasant surprise considering that this was actually the model I’ve been eyeing up for the last few months, and having gone through Apple's 'Help me choose' process I'm now confident that I've found the best MacBook for my needs and budget.

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